3 Ways Your Military Background Can Help You In School

Having a military background is a huge advantage in your continuing education. If you are enrolling as a new college student, you’ll be excited to learn that you already possess a major advantage over non-military students. That advantage is understanding time management. One of the most challenging aspects of adult education is knowing how to balance it all. You may already work full time, have a family, and on top of it all, need to constantly prioritize what will actually get done. Fortunately, the 3 ways that your military background will get you to your degree successfully, already comes fairly automatically to you.

The Advantage of a Military Background

The military teaches you discipline. Discipline allows you to remain focused when you’re in the midst of chaos. Life is beautiful chaos. When you possess discipline, you know how to manage your time accordingly. There is a time for personal care, time for exercise, and a time for work. College is, essentially work. Carving out time for instruction, just as you would in the military, gives you a block of time to gain the knowledge you need for successfully completing assignments and understanding the lesson’s material properly. Time management is knowing how to line out what will get accomplished each day, and how much of your time and resource can realistically and sufficiently be allocated to each task.

Discipline, Time Management & Excellent Communication Skills

In addition to managing yourself and your time, having solid communication skills is the third way that your military background will help you in school. Being able to communicate with your peers and instructors will allow you to stay on the same page and get some help when you need it before an assignment gets too overwhelming. Having the skill set to work well in a team, and delegate other life tasks when necessary, gives you the ability to work on time-sensitive projects with the priority they require.

Military Friendly Degree Programs

Ready and able to take advantage of present-day technology, today’s students are very fortunate. There are a number of prestigious, military friendly degree programs available to both active duty and veteran military professionals. Students can combine online studies, with campus classes both on base and off, from anywhere in the world. In fact, a number of colleges have since been promoted to full-blown University status in recent years to accommodate such global students. University professionals are always ready to help military prospects navigate a number of degree programs and assist with everything from managing financial aid and grant money, to expediting degree plans by acknowledging and applying course credit for military experience. Is there any better way to save time and money?

Your Military Service Combined with a 4-Year Degree

Human resource hiring professionals love to see military service on a resume. It demonstrates commitment, personal investment, experience with a prestigious employer, and a high-level of candidate productivity. Job seekers with military experience and a 4-Year college degree, are the most sought-after professionals.

Degree Career Options

Adults with a 4-Year degree have a vast amount of career options. Top fields include:

  • Investments and Economics
  • Professional Business Services
  • Technology
  • Engineering; and
  • Architecture

Regardless of which degree path you choose, a degree will take you further than you can imagine, both professionally and personally.

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