4 Traditional Occasions to Buy a Gold Neck Set For Loved Ones

The theory and purpose of purchasing gold may vary from one country to another. However, two ideologies remain the same. One, gold is one adornment that ubiquitously makes a man or women look more appealing. Two, gold is one metal that is timeless and used for gifting purpose in inauspicious occasions. Ever since the reign of Mughals in India, the custom of presenting gold has prevailed; according to the statistics, today reputed India gold shops sell about 900-1000 tonnes of gold per annum.

 However, all these sales aren’t simply subjected to marriages and festivities. There numerous other occasions that contribute to the sale of authentic gold set design. In fact, here are 4 traditional occasions where Indians purchase the most gold ornaments.

  • 1st anniversaries:

“Diamonds aren’t a girl bestie, gold can be too.”

For a newly married wife, a gold pendant set or a mangalsutra set can be the ideal gift. Signifying unity of two souls a gold pendant mangalsutra is not only authentic but will hold sentimental value which can strengthen the bond between two souls. So this year select the trending mangalsutra designs and get your wife a beautiful pendant.

  • Birth of a baby:

Being a country encompassed with customs and traditions, gifting gold pendants or jewellery to a newborn is held with high esteem. Gifting gold signifies blessing and a prosperous life to the newborn. So, set up a budget and select decorative trinkets, anklets or necklaces for the newborn to give culture and tradition a value.

  • Diwali & Dhanteras:

Diwali signifies the win of good over evil while Dhanteras is celebrated to drive out evil and bring in wealth and prosperity. So, adhering to customs gift your loved ones gold jewellery sets to show goodwill and blessings. Depending on the gold jewellery price you can select a variety of assortments like haars, jhumkas, trinkets, ear studs etc.

  • Ganesh Chaturthi:

Another occasion where most Indians present gold is Ganesh Chaturthi. Gifting gold on this occasion signifies a gesture of goodwill and showcases that you are praying for the prosperity of your peer. Further, it’s gesture of benevolence and show of class to gift gold ornamentation.

  • The bride diaries:

Welcoming a new bride is a big event for any family. Hence, members often gift gold ornaments to the bride to signify a good married life. Delivering emotions of welfare, happiness, and fertility gold further, hold a sentimental value in itself. Apart from these, gold is also used by the elderly as a form of birthday gifts, to provide blessing after baptism or to congratulate as a graduation gift.

Therefore, whatever the festive occasion gifting gold will remain time immemorial. So, the next time you want to attach an emotional significance to presents, pick a gold ornament set to deliver the best gift for your peer or family. Also note, while buying gold, ensure to buy from a reputed seller and don’t forget to check markings to prevent being fooled. You can always opt for light weight gold jewellery designs with price that are competitive.

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