5 best logo design practices for better branding

“A picture is worth a thousand words” a common English idiom. The importance of a picture in storytelling cannot be negated. But when we are talking about logos, there comes a lot to make a logo perfectly descriptive. Where many people adopt the DIY approach, in my opinion, it is good to get help from a local logo designing firm. It means you should hire a local company offering logo designing in Lahore if you are a Lahore based business. Doing it yourself could also be just fine depending on how creative you are. But here are my 5 tips on design practices that play a role in branding and promotion.


Does the logo define your business?

To make a brand out of your business, it is important to have a logo that perfectly defines your business. What is the thing when someone first time looks at your logo? Does he understand what type of company or business it is? If yes it is good but if not you need to spend some serious time and money to keep your head above water in this scenario. Choose the most relevant and defining symbols and graphics. Make sure the viewers do not get confused by the bio-line and logo of the business. Be creative and be simple:

Being simple yet creative is the best formula to get a winning design. Whenever you are re-branding your company or starting a new one from scratch keep this in mind. A creative logo may define the theme, but the overdose of anything can make it the bad design at the end. Make sure to present only the necessary textual information and use only the relevant images and graphics.

Colors are meaningful:

Don’t ever think of color as a useless material. They can be the most important part of your graphic. Let me give you an example of a retailer who painted his storefront all white just to stand out from the crowd of retailers. And it does the science for the retailer. Similarly, use a color that not only defines the brand but also is unique and soothing for the viewers. Color schemes and using specific patterns of colors can also become copyright mark for your business. Consider the example of popcorn box pattern. Location and the choice of the people of that particular area also play a part. Hire a company with logo designing in Lahore as they can specifically know the Lahore’s color trends.

Make it size independent:

Yes, size independence is the lifeline of any great logo design. It is a matter of fact that the logo will be used everywhere in social profiles, billboards, commercial ads or anywhere the business needs to be promoted. Having a logo that can be descriptive in all these domains is crucial. Keep it simple and low on text, as logos with more textual information lose value at shorter dimensions.

Easily understandable:

The story of a great logo starts when it is easily understandable and recognizable from any corner. Do not clutter it with extra graphics, text, and effects. Keep it simple and pay more attention to creating a visual appeal.

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