5 Diet Hacks This Winter

With shorter days and longer nights, we know that the Winter Season has arrived. With the season of cool breezes, foggy mornings and chilly nights, the bug has arrived. Oh Yes, the calorie bug has arrived to feast on this season. And so, it’s time to take that diet plan on the fridge to take a complete new look. Here are a few tips that can make your diet plan a complete healthy one without compromising on your taste buds’ satisfaction.

  1. Water – The Savior.

Although water seems to be the last thing you would want to have, around this time of the year, but there is no escaping. Water to your body is as important as oxygen is. With the drop in temperature and the atmosphere getting drier, moisture to the body isa a must. And water is the only healthy way to do it. To make it a less painful a process, have boiled water. Not only will it help you have water in required amounts but will also help your digestion process to a great extent.

  1. Make it Fruitilicious

With the onset of winter, there a number of fruits that can be savored in our sub-continent. Apples and oranges as always make it to our favorite fruits list almost every time, yet there are many others that need to be given a try.  Strawberries (Do I need to say more?), Pineapples and bananas are rich in vitamins and minerals and are perfect to go with any food. And wanting to go for more fresh fruits – BigBasket (BigBasket offers) is here to your rescue.

  1. The Yummy Veggies.

Well if calories are making you all worried up about the delicacies you are going to be deprived of this season, then maybe it’s time to think again. Carrots, turnips, peas, radish and spinach have proved to be the ideal vegetables for this season. Not only do they have low calories but they also help increase the body metabolism rate, which again is a step closer to a healthy lifestyle. And if you think that they are intended to be taken raw, then you have a good news. Yes, these vegetables retain their minerals even after cooking. And so, it’s time to get the kitchen rolling.

  1. It’s Snack time.

While the calorie bug never stops to remind you of its presence, it is not always necessary to go by what it craves. Well yeah, you have to satisfy it somehow and let that not bother you. Let healthy snacks satisfy it with its own delicious magic. Now that the veggies and the fruits have become the good 3-time meal material, they can be a part of your mid-day snacks too. Think about it. The yummy bread sandwiches and the fruit puddings are there to your rescue. With a little cream, cheese and other tasty ingredients at home, you are just a spoon away from he best snacks of your life.

  1. Time to think

Well, you might be wondering what role can your brain play in controlling the fat from growing, isn’t it? Then you must really start considering the question again at deeper levels. Oh don’t worry. Let me explain this. Studies have proved that although with the onset of winters we physically feel hungry, but the mental impact is even more powerful.  And in such cases, the mantra for success is in your mind. Healthy diet can only be followed if one is willing to do so.

So here you go, with these five things I end my list. But wait, your shopping list must go on, shouldn’t it? And the best place to find your bright clothes is Jabong (Jabong Coupons) and Flipkart (Flipkart Offers)  and the deals will just blow your mind. Happy Winters !

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