7 Key Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

Nowadays, you get several flooring materials in the market, and concrete is one of the most important among them. Concrete floors are mostly used in commercial and industrial applications because they are highly durable. And with the introduction of techniques like concrete floor polishing, the demand for concrete floors has gone really high for residential applications as well.

When compared to other flooring materials like tiles, marble, wood, engineered Wood, granite, and laminate flooring, concrete can prove to be highly durable when polished effectively.

So, if you haven’t tried polished concrete floors yet, here is why you need to invest in them.

Polished Concrete Floors Are Easy To Maintain

If you are looking forward to using a flooring material that is easy to maintain, look no further than polished concrete. You can maintain polished concrete floors simply by sweeping and mopping. You can use neutral cleaning agents to mop your floor to maintain its glossy touch.

They Don’t Need Frequent Polishing

If you have installed your floor effectively, you don’t need frequent polishing to maintain its looks and feels, as that will last for a long time. To maintain the protective layer over your floor, you can wax it or seal it every 4 to 9 months.

They Are Highly Durable

A well-sealed and maintained polished concrete floor can last for years. Whether you talk about commercial and industrial applications or residential applications, polished concrete floors can really save you a lot of money, because they are really simple to maintain.

You Can Choose From Several Design Options

The best part of going for polished concrete floors is that you can choose from several designs and colours. People who are unaware of the recent advances in the concrete floor polishing, can’t imagine that they can choose from multiple colours and designs. With the assistance of Color hardeners and integral pigments, you can create highly beautiful concrete floors.

Yes, now you do not have to stick to grey and off-grey colours when it comes to installing concrete floors. You can take advantages of chemical acid stain, concrete paint, water-based stains, tinted concrete sealers and concrete dyes to get the kind of floor you want.

In short, you can experiment with a wide range of colours and textures to install a stunning concrete floor.

They Are Eco-friendly

Nowadays, a wide range of eco-friendly materials are used in the construction industry to reduce environmental pollution and concrete is one of the most important among them. Since you don’t have to use any hazardous chemicals and toxic substances while installing polished concrete floors, they do not provide any harm to the environment. And the best part is that polished concrete floors are energy efficient. They reduce your energy consumption significantly. In addition to that, they also play a crucial role in improving indoor air quality.

They Are Very Affordable

There is no denying that polished concrete flooring is way too affordable when compared to other flooring materials such as laminate, hardwood, marble, and granite. So, if you want to save money and still want a durable floor, make sure that you stick to a flooring material like polished concrete.

They Improve The Visual Appeal of Your Space

Since you can choose from several beautiful colours, textures and designs while installing polished concrete floors, they take the visual appeal of your space to a next level. The best part is that concrete floor polishing can be carried out even for existing floors, so you do not have to install a new floor from scratch to improve the elegance of your space.

So, if you are looking forward to using a quality flooring material in your new house, make sure you stick to polished concrete.

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