Advantages Of Affiliate Marketing For A Blog

Affiliate marketing is a great source for passive income. In other words, when you have a blog that works well, with content and traffic, you can earn money with affiliate marketing even when you do not do anything concretely.

For example, on a travel blog, there are people who book hotels even on days when one does not publish a new article. In other words, you do not have to change your usual “routine” to make money.

The other benefits of affiliate marketing are obvious:

•             There is no specific financial investment to make

•             There is no product or service to create

•             It’s simple to set up

•             It can be used on a variety of topics and make it really relevant to its readers

Affiliate marketing can quickly seem like it is “effortless” and this is precisely what the gurus of affiliate marketing state. The reality is that you do not make money with affiliate marketing without doing anything. There will come a time when you have to work.

Affiliate marketing can make it possible to earn passive income but you must necessarily out in a lot of hard work:

Create Content

Have a powerful blog to display your content. Build a community around this blog and learn about SEO, social networks and affiliate platform software. Study the products and services available for affiliate marketing and make a coherent choice.

As you publish affiliate links, you also need to work hard to:

•             Track your performance to understand what works and what does not work

•             Do tests to determine the location or formatting of links that will maximize your revenue

•             Constantly reflect on the relevance of your choices to your readers

•             Communicate

And when the money starts to come in, you still have to work to:

•             Make assessments of the performance over time to follow the progress

•             Look for new partners from time to time

•             Continue to produce content to avoid resting on your laurels because the competition rarely sleeps. You will constantly need to be on your toes.

In short, it is not by placing a few links on your blog that you will receive satisfactory income.

How To Make The Most Of Your Affiliate Marketing?

Bloggers who earn money with affiliate marketing get different results. There are those who, despite significant traffic, cannot reach the payment thresholds and painfully get $15 per month on Amazon. And there are those who could make a substantial amount of money.

Here are some tips for making money with affiliate marketing.

There is a lesson to remember for all those who have a blog and wish to monetize: to earn money, take care of the blog, pass on your passion, produce interesting and informative content, and attract a well-targeted audience.

You do not sell anything to anyone. You should not take your readers for granted. Recommend products based on your experience and it will help you get more users.

At the time of festivities, consider a call-to-action on your pages relating to a theme you think works. The festive touch never seems to fail.

•             Understand the expectations of its customers.

•             Choose the right product

You must choose an affiliate product that really suits you, which is consistent with your world and with what your customers are looking for as readers.

For example, Google Analytics provides a with socio-demographic data about visitors and if you have a travel blog, you may have a good part of your audience that enters the category “Luxury Travelers” and “Luxury Shoppers”- In other words, travelers and consumers who appreciate luxury and high-end products. You can then promote hotels having a certain status because it is in tune with what your visitors want.

Choose A Serious Affiliate Partner

There are clear risks to affiliate marketing: not being paid is one, but there is one even bigger: losing the trust of your readers. If you recommend a product or a site that is totally lacking in seriousness and your readers have a bad experience with it, you may have made money but at the cost of broken trust!

Of course, incidents can happen. However, know that the customer service is all about quality, and they always respond to a claim. So always keep that in mind.

Do Not Put All Your Eggs In The Same Basket

The golden rule in monetization! Never rely on one source of income. Diversify! It’s obviously not about affiliating with anything and everything but do not rely on one program.

It should also be noted that most of the time you will receive your affiliate marketing income after a two months difference from the month in which you earned it. This is a standard process and you will need to keep this in mind.

Do Tests

Do not always rely on your intuition. When you want to monetize your blog, it is always useful to have a more professional approach. You can even make it a personal challenge.


It’s not much; it’s at the bottom of the articles so it’s only seen by the people who go to the end of the article. But it’s what determines your success of making a sale or not.


Affiliate marketing is not a method you need to be shameful about. You talk about a product, your readers have no obligation to buy it if they do not need it and can visit your blog in a completely free way even if the product does not interest them. So you have no reason to hide the fact that you are using affiliate links.

To make money with Affiliate marketing, it will take traffic, a good consistency between your product and your editorial line but also a good harmony with your visitors (expectations, budget, and consumption habits). And for all that, it is often useful to learn continuously: develop your skills in SEO, better use of the newsletter and get personal with the readers! Take it one step at a time, your blog will succeed and you’ll make more money.

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