An Insight Into Various Types Of Safety Barriers

It could be your home or your business premises; you simply cannot afford to compromise on its security. Simultaneously, it is imperative that you, your family and all your office employees and colleagues remain safe while working. Installing security barriers are your first line of defence and help keep away intruders and anti-social elements. Depending on their type, they serve various other purposes as well. We thus, walk through a few common types of safety barriers that can be a good choice for your premises.

Chain Link Fence

It is one of the most popular and high-security barriers that can be installed in areas like your backyard, barns, construction sites, penitentiaries, the perimeter of your premises, etc.  Sturdiness, durability and affordability are its highlights. It is the ideal choice for covering the borders of any property and keeping away intruders and animals. This security barrier has a framework of posts and rails which are held together by caps. They are normally crafted from galvanized or LLDPE- coated steel wire. They are available in a plethora of design, colour and even thickness. Thus, they look amazing and take the curb appeal of any property notches higher. Additionally, they need little maintenance.

Ornamental Fence

Without compromising on security, these fences add plenty of style and beauty to any premises. They are an excellent way to enhance the architectural beauty of any place. Oozing a prestige look; they help any owner flaunt the landscaping of their home or other premises while keeping security high. Constructed mostly from wrought iron or aluminium; you can get them in any size, colour, gauge and style.


A highly popular option for commercial and government properties, bollards are best used to direct the flow of traffic, prevent vehicles from entering certain areas while allowing access to foot traffic and finally, to mark off designated areas. Constructed from heavy-duty steel; these are extremely strong and look aesthetically pleasing as well. Available in both removable and permanent variations; you can find its innumerable options at

Roll-way Barrier Systems

These are an ideal choice for malls, shopping centres, roads, loading zones and parking lots. Generally crafted from galvanized steel, these are reputed for crash cushioning. These barriers can easily absorb the impact of any errant vehicle via its rollers, lower and upper rails. They convert this impact energy into rotational energy and redirect the vehicle into the right direction. The barriers are normally available in a height of three meters and a width of sixteen meters.

Barrier Gates

An extremely strong and durable barrier; they are used in places like the intersection of a road and railway and places where the entry and exit of vehicles and foot traffic needs to be controlled and monitored. These gates can be locked and unlocked to allow vehicle and foot traffic and thus are an ideal option for a park, logging roads and farms. They are also an ideal choice for accident and crime scenes to keep the crowd away and prevent interfering with their rescue or clue-searching operation. They are available in both manual and digitalized automatic versions.

Besides this, there are plenty of other types of security gates available as well. Give us a buzz to know which one would suit your needs well.

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