Aspects to be contemplated before Buying Contemporary Art Paintings

Contemporary Art that has been regarded as the paintings of ‘our times’ have been drawing art lovers owing to its exclusivity and novelty.

Talking about Indian contemporary artists, the recognition came quite late. Today, Indian contemporary artists and paintings are creating news for their unblemished and immaculate work.

Western media including those of Europe and America are now covering Indian artists and their work showing the rising significance of contemporary art in the subcontinent.

Indian contemporary art paintings are now being sold to art lovers for adorning office and home space.

Before we dive into the aspects that would help you in choosing the right contemporary painting for your wall space, let’s take a quick glimpse of what a contemporary art is:

A brief about Contemporary art!

Said to come in practice in the late 20th century or in the 21st century, contemporary art is known to defy the conventional boundaries. In fact, contemporary art does not have any sort of ideology or principle.

Instead, artists use a totally contrasting idea each time they brush a majestic contemporary artwork. Contemporary art paintings are known to be originated from the concept of modernism, which sometimes also give air to the burning topic such as “Is contemporary art is a by-product of modern art?”

But it is not. Although modernism surely played a role in instigating the thought behind the contemporary paintings, which is not wrong cohesively.

You can notice that the contemporary art of the 90s and that of 21st century differ a lot from each other. Like the former strictly follows the conventional guidelines of the 70s and the latter ensures to defy every aspect of modernism.

This is similar to when modern artists defy the rules of traditional paintings. The idea to defy the old traditions so that new and much progressive concept can overtake is what contemporary paintings is all about.

Enough said, let’s get back to the factors that will aid you in selecting the most appropriate contemporary painting for your home or office or any wall space.

Why are you buying?

Life without purpose is like a ray of light to a person who cannot see.

It is important that you should be sorted in your mind about the purpose for which you are going to purchase a contemporary painting.

Knowing the purpose eases your decision-making process. For instance, if you want to choose a painting for your office, the selection should be a formal one. On the other hand, selecting an artwork for your home space would give you comfort to choose from an open mind.

Hence, first measure the purpose and then approach an online or a brick & mortar gallery for the same.

What’s your inclination?

Be it an Indian Contemporary painting or some other genre of artwork, the market is quite dynamic and everyday new and ecstatic patterns are hitting in.

Out of all these artworks, when it comes to select which one suits your requirement, glare your mind towards your taste and preference.
See what you look for an art, the colours you like, what message you want to convey with the artwork, what type you do not want, which type of canvas is your favourite and other relatable factors.

All these factors help you in selecting a painting that compliments your colour palette and art taste. Because there are absolutely zero gains if you buy an art and could not even relate to it.

It is preeminent that you choose a painting that perfectly matches your taste and goes with your mood and personality. Then only you would find the real contentment from your purchase.

How much are you ready to pay?

As an Indian, we all know how important is to gauge our pockets while going to purchase an artwork.

Contemporary arts that are old (hard to find much older) are surely going to have a heavy price tagged around them.

So, if your purpose is to do an investment in an art or if you are an art consultant to the riches then seek an artwork that is old and possesses some kind of idiosyncrasy.

On the other hand, if you want to buy something for your home or office space, buy something that is averagely priced. Checking the load in your pocket is a great idea before you purchase contemporary art paintings.

For further query, stay tuned! Happy buying!

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