Australian visa for Indian parents

Parent visa is a type of a permanent visa that allows parents to live in Australia, only if their child is a citizen of Australia or a permanent resident of New Zealand settled in Australia. People who want to apply for parents visa Australia from India need to follow the eligibility criteria and the necessary requirements.

If you want to know; how to apply parents visa for Australia? Then there is nothing to worry about as the simplest thing that one should to know about this is that in order to apply for a parent visa to Australia the person needs to be sponsored; by their child who should be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or a citizen of New Zealand.

Except for the sponsorship part there are a few eligibility criteria and requirements that one needs to fulfil.

Eligibility for the parent’s visa

  • The sponsor for a parent visa must have stayed in Australia for two years.
  • The visa application for the parent visa should be applied from outside Australia.
  • Also during the decision of the visa the applicant must be outside Australia.


  • Should meet the health and character requirements.
  • Parents must have a sponsor.
  • Should not have any debt on the Australian government.

What are the benefits of parents visa Australia?

The permanent residency allows the following things:

  • Stay in Australia for an indefinite period of time.
  • Work and study in Australia.
  • One can also enrol themselves in medicare.
  • Can apply for Australian citizenship when eligible.
  • A person can also sponsor eligible relatives for PR.

Things to know about the parent visa Australia

  • The visa is applicable for only 5 years before renewal. The availability of the visa depends on the capability of the child to sponsor his/her parents; the age and also the health play an important role in this.
  • The parents visa holders is designed to allow parents to live with their children in Australia but are not eligible for medicare and other forms of government welfare.
  • The parents are supposed to have private health insurance from any Australian company before arriving in Australia. The insurance can be down by an Australian insurance provider as they know better about the Australian health system.
  • The applicants must be sponsored by their children as the sponsors have a responsibility to support their parents.
  • The parent visa holders are also required to show some improvement in their English over time. As people with good English are able to adjust better in the Australian community.
  • As of now almost 8000 parent visas are available annually.
  • There is no age limit of give parent visa but there can be a age limit in the future to prevent young parents from taking advantage of this.

So these are the requirements and the things that one should be aware of while applying for the parent visa Australia.

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