How can Leads be Generated With the Help Of Videos?

In this modern era, videos have become a lead generation tool for the marketers because these draw the attention of 80% of potential customers. With the time, marketers start sending promotional emails with videos to ensure better returns. Apart from that, the significance of videos has been increasing with every passing day because 60% of […]

Aspects to be contemplated before Buying Contemporary Art Paintings

Contemporary Art that has been regarded as the paintings of ‘our times’ have been drawing art lovers owing to its exclusivity and novelty. Talking about Indian contemporary artists, the recognition came quite late. Today, Indian contemporary artists and paintings are creating news for their unblemished and immaculate work. Western media including those of Europe and […]

The Advantageous Transitions in the Outbound Call Centres

The popularity of the call centres has risen to a great extent in the recent past as the companies have started investing more towards the customer-centric procedures. Previously, the companies used to take the assistance of the outbound services to contact the customers for the sole purpose of selling the products or services. Initially, the […]

Advance Commission – The financial stress reliever for real estate brokers

Real estate agents render valuable service to buyers and sellers in transacting properties with ease.  Almost all property deals involve real estate agents either working for buyers and sellers. That the brokers have become indispensable for property transactions would become clear from the fact that 87% buyers sought their services and the number of sellers […]