Follow a proper lifestyle during pregnancy

Getting pregnant is a huge decision. One has to set their mind and be confident about giving birth to a baby. This is not an easy task and even after the baby is born, there is huge responsibility to take care of them. This is a lifelong commitment that one has to make and so […]

places in Hyderabad

The Maharajas’ Express: Perfect for Culture Tours of India

Arts and culture of a country play a substantial role in promoting tourism for the place. People are attracted by the cultural richness and splendid artistry of a country. India is among the top countries of the world to exhibit a rich culture that attracts swarms of tourists from across the globe. Culture tours India are […]

Menu Food Rail

Menu Food Rail- Transform Your Travel experience

One of the biggest criticisms that the Indian railways receive has been the quality of food that is served on the trains. There is no proper choice of menu and guarantee of taste or aroma. People had been falling sick and many in fact avoid eating the khana that is served. But travelling in trains […]

Hill Stations Near Madurai

Hill Stations Near Madurai

Situated on the banks of river Vaigai, Madurai has a rich cultural heritage and has been an important cultural and commercial centre since 550 AD. The city is constructed in the form of a lotus and is known as lotus city too. Chennai may be the capital of Tamil Nadu, but Madurai is right up […]

kids’ Entertainer

How to Avoid kids’ Entertainer Nightmares?

Trying to hire the best kids’ entertainer, who will entertain children at your beloved one’s birthday party, might seem to be a tough task. This is more so, in case of first timers who do not know how to get hold of the right professionals to do the job. Booking any incompetent entertainer will only […]

Tower Fan

How to Clean a Tower Fan?

Tower fans have been in trend recently because of its lightweight design and portability. They can be easily shifted from one room to another. Also, they are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes so that they can slide in between the narrow spaces too. Also, it is not easy to tip them […]

News Applications of 2017

Top 5 News Applications of 2017

There are many great Indian News Apps on the internet where one can read international news, business news and latest Hindi news. Everyone wants the best news app on which he can read all the news of the world. When I think of Indian top 5 Best News App 20l7 which anyone likes to have in their Smartphone are mentioned below. Google News and Weather: Google News is a great news app. One can read the latest news abroad in one’s […]