Benefits you can derive from LED lighting

LED lights have swept the conventional light sources under the carpet. Notable reasons like a long extended life, low requirements on the maintenance front with low scale energy consumption tilt the balance towards LED lights.  To buy LED light bulbs online India seems to be a better idea as numerous options present itself. More and more outlets are resorting to LED lights leaving traditional sources of lights in doldrums. Let us observe why to buy LED light bulbs online seems to be a good idea.

Energy efficient

In comparison to traditional light sources, LED lights save around 50 % of energy. This results in substantial reduction in energy bills especially in areas where lights are to be kept on for extended hours. LED lights are known to emit light in a specific direction as they are mounted on a flat surface. This directional ability reduces energy and power.

Instant on

In switching HID bulbs, they do not provide instant power the moment they are switched on. Many require 3 minutes or so to attain its maximum efficiency. With no restrike option LED lights provide an instant source of light when switched on. This works as an advantage during the early hours of the morning or when there occurs a power outage.


If no glass enclosures exist, LED are breakage resistant and withstand vibrations or other impact. Traditional lights are incorporated in a glass which makes it prone to damage. With LED you are going to mount them on a surface which means that they are not vulnerable to any direct impact.

Extended life

Unlike traditional lighting sources LED lights do not bail out or fade over time. Depending on the fixture or quality a LED life would serve you for 50,000 hours and this could be even longer. In comparison a traditional bulb serves you for 1000 hours. With comparatively a longer life, a LED light saves on labour costs in a commercial set up.

Rapid cycling

With traditional light sources it is going to have a shorter life span if you switch it on and off. LED’s on the other hand are not affected by rapid cycling. The use of LED’s goes well with daylight sensors.

No UV or IR emissions

Less than 10 % of the power that is emitted by traditional light sources converts to visible light. A major chunk of the power is converted to radiate heat. UV rays present a burning sensation on the skins of people. Rapid technological wonders have enhanced the utility of LEDs with low cost, durability with better reliability. So they are the right choice for your residential along with commercial needs.

In a nutshell the use of light is much more than providing with direction or a path. It does have an impact on the environment, make our surroundings more secure and boast the productivity of our indoor space. It is better to pair up LED lighting with sensory spaces which provides controllable and sustainable solutions.

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