How can Leads be Generated With the Help Of Videos?

In this modern era, videos have become a lead generation tool for the marketers because these draw the attention of 80% of potential customers. With the time, marketers start sending promotional emails with videos to ensure better returns.

Apart from that, the significance of videos has been increasing with every passing day because 60% of marketers use videos to boost the conversion rate. In addition to this, 53% of lead generation companies take help of videos to nurture leads.

Here are the reasons why most of the lead generation call centres use videos to generate leads:

  • Ensure better return on investment (ROI).
  • An excellent medium to convey a message to a large number of prospects.
  • Increase the brand awareness.
  • Ensure better promotion of products and services.
  • Help in building a rapport with the targeted audience.

Are you wondering how videos can be helpful in generating leads? Have a look at the following points that will definitely give you a better idea regarding the same:

Explainer videos

Being an owner of a lead generation call centre, you always want to generate qualified leads in a swift manner. To make that happen, you should create explainer videos as these are the most effective way to attract targeted audience. Explainer videos can help the prospects in understanding how your products or services can be beneficial.

It is imperative to ensure that explainer videos maintain the interest level of potential customers from beginning to an end time. If an explainer video isn’t able to identify and address the potential customer’s pain points, no one will watch video till the end.

That’s the main reason why every India call centre owner instructs the marketers to search the trending topics while creating explainer videos. Apart from that, it is always advisable to participate in groups of social media platforms to get to know about the target audience’s preferences.

Whiteboard videos

Whiteboard videos are another best way to extract prospects for a well-known lead generation call centre. There is no big difference between whiteboard and explainer videos.

Whiteboard videos explain a specific benefit of products or services in an elaborated manner. On the contrary, explainer videos give a quick overview regarding what products or services really do. Customers usually prefer whiteboard videos because these ensure that no room will be left for the doubts owing to the in-depth information.

So, if you are an owner of India call centre, it is suggested to you to tell your marketers to start creating attention-grabbing whiteboard videos.

How-to videos

Well, posting blogs on multiple sites to generate leads is really a good idea. But the harsh reality is that potential customers usually don’t prefer to read lengthy write-ups to get the desired information. Because of the same reason, prospects usually look for the how-to videos as these maintain the comfort level and give more clarity on how to solve issues within a short period of time.

After creating how-to videos, all you need to do is share video links on the social networking sites to reach a maximum number of potential customers. And ensure that all the social media users get redirected to the landing page after clicking on the link as this is the easiest way to get all the crucial information that could be helpful in converting the leads into paying customers.

Testimonial videos

Posting testimonial videos on social media platforms has always been the best and simplest way to generate a large number of qualified leads. This is so because other videos just show the benefits of the products or services whereas testimonial ones show the experience of happy customers.

Moreover, there is no need to be super creative when it comes creating testimonial videos because all you need to do is record a video in which a current customer tells about his/her experience after using the products/services.

So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that testimonial videos not only strengthen the brand’s value but also help in generating qualified leads.

Product demo videos

Product demo video is another way to get a maximum number of leads. Sometimes potential customers don’t get convinced even after watching the testimonial videos. Here the importance of product demo videos gets increased owing to their capability to show how products really work and can be helpful.

Moreover, product demo videos bring an opportunity to showcase the best features that can draw the attention of prospective customers. Once prospects see products in action, they are more likely to give their contact information for free trial.

It would be highly beneficial for every lead generation call centre to post live product demo videos because 81% of prospects prefer live videos over the recorded ones.

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