Shell Companies

Everything You Need to Know about Shell Companies

Last week, investors were shocked when SEBI directed stock exchanges to take action against 331 suspected shell companies and ordered that the affected companies be banned from trading. Following this directive, BSE and NSE moved 162 and 48 companies respectively into stage VI of the Graded Surveillance Measure (GSM). It means that these companies stocks […]

Business Funding

What Is Working Capital Finance: A Guide To Small Business Funding

In order to do great business, it is important to ensure that a lack of funds isn’t hampering your growth. One way to guarantee steady revenue every month is through working capital finance. Working capital finance help small business entrepreneurs like you fund operations and manage cash flow effectively. Just like your body can’t function […]

Practical Recruitment Techniques

Practical Recruitment Techniques That Help in Getting Skilled Professionals

Statistics predict that every company is aware of the fact that to maintain the workforce it is very crucial for them to recruit prudent candidates. But, it is not clear for the companies about how the management can hire the most capable professionals to the services. This confusion is because the task usually involves complex […]

Industrial Robot

Is It True That Industrial Robot on Trial For NDT Applications?

Many manufacturers find the use non-destructive testing equipment as quality control technique that is applied by different industries ranging from industrial to aerospace. With automated NDT, experts apply scanners and robots to increase the speed and repeatability factor of technicians. This helps in creating more precisely produced measurements. Automated NDT scanner requirements are must have […]

How Should You Plan For Your Investment?

After graduating from college and starting to work for a good organization, you may get the feeling that this is the most exciting phase of your life. You will take advantage of numerous opportunities and overcome several obstacles to make your mark in the profession you are entering. However, if you stop to think for […]

Customized Credentialing Systems Development for the Global Credentialing Ecosystem

The certification of individuals and the enterprises in the competitive world is the order of the day. It proves your competencies to the world. But not every individual is the same and nor is every organization. The standardization proves that all the international parameters are followed and being adhered to. Read more about Customized Credentialing Systems Development for the Global Credentialing Ecosystem