Indian Cuisine

The Various Aspects of Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine has a vast collection of flavours and textures, inspired from all the different cooking techniques and spices from the many states and provinces of the country. Traditional Indian cuisine has an equal emphasis on both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, although the popularity of the non-vegetarian dishes is more. Traditional non-vegetarian Indian dishes mainly […]

Perfect Recipe

Creating the Perfect Recipe

The pleasure of a home cooked meal is unrivalled, no matter the time or place. However, to make different dishes every day is not an easy task. The chefs at home are capable to keeping the family together at the dinner table through various recipes that have been passed down through the ages and perfected. […]

Cake Frosting

Cake Frosting – an ideal way to decorate your cake

Cakes are deserts that are welcomed by everyone and on any occasion. You can enjoy them on celebrations, anniversaries, or as after meals dessert. Everyone loves cakes and have a never-ending craving for them. In case you enjoy baking them, then you need to keep in mind the art of frosting. Frosting cake may not […]

Christmas Food Delicacies

Traditional Christmas Food Delicacies

There are some meals which are traditionally eaten on the day of Christmas, making them special ones. When Christmas is here, it is time to have all the delicious food thatis prepared with love and best ingredients. It is the best time to have a get together with friends and family, where everyone shares their […]

Diet Hacks This Winter

5 Diet Hacks This Winter

With shorter days and longer nights, we know that the Winter Season has arrived. With the season of cool breezes, foggy mornings and chilly nights, the bug has arrived. Oh Yes, the calorie bug has arrived to feast on this season. And so, it’s time to take that diet plan on the fridge to take […]

What is the Fault in Eating Out?

When we prefer to eat out and breaks the routine of homemade food, we are putting our fate in others hand. In this we can only hope the place we are eating is using the oil is not at all a carcinogenic to fry the samosas. The chicken that is used in the various street […]

Menu Food Rail

Menu Food Rail- Transform Your Travel experience

One of the biggest criticisms that the Indian railways receive has been the quality of food that is served on the trains. There is no proper choice of menu and guarantee of taste or aroma. People had been falling sick and many in fact avoid eating the khana that is served. But travelling in trains […]

Soup delivery

Match your Mood and Taste with Soups

When you love to eat so many scrumptious dishes, foods, snacks, pizzas and many other cuisines; why not try soups too? Exactly, many people think that soups are just for people who are sick or not well. However, it is a huge myth. Soups are for everyone and you can make the most of soups […]

Arhar dal recipe

Dal – Our Everyday Companion

Dal is one of the most common companions in our regular meals. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian- both of the groups equally like different preparations of dal. Most of the households store a number of dals and cook different dal on different days. Moong dal, Bengal Gram Dal, Masoor Dal, Kabooli Dal, Urad Dal, Arhar Dal or Toor […]