Weighted Vest

Weighted Vest for Walking

According to researchers, wearing a weighted vest while walking is an effective way of losing weight. It is more efficient when you’re walking with a heavy load at the same speed that you usually walk. Even though you’re not performing an intense workout, the moment you walk with heavy loads means you’re already on it. […]


What to do if you are New to Gym and had a Poor Start

The gym can be quite an intimidating place, especially if you are new. All that heavy equipment like the treadmill, elliptical, dumbbells, extension bench, etc. can give you quite a scare, particularly if you didn’t have a very good start. However, just because you are new to this and aren’t very familiar with all the […]


Our Highly Beneifical Sports Massage

Sports is a very big and a constantly growing industry. The promotion of so many sports means that there are more and more competitions now. To help the sportsman get prepared and eased up after a competition, we bring you sports massage London. We all our well aware of massages for the back, for strengthening […]

Prevent Glaucoma

How Can You Prevent Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is among the world’s leading causes of blindness. In its early stages, Glaucoma doesn’t produce any symptoms at all. It is estimated that half of Americans with Glaucoma do not even realize they have it. However, early detection can help in preventing the risk of vision loss through proper treatment. For those who have […]

Plastic Surgery

The Many Pro Facts of Plastic Surgery

Even with all the advancement and proven track record of successful procedures, the industry of plastic surgery is often met with a certain degree of scepticism and mistrust. This is mostly fuelled by botched or fake surgical images on social media platforms by inexperienced and sloppy surgeons.The real success and perfect picture of the industry, […]