tech problem

Solve the common tech problem without support

Tech support plays a vital role in both small and large business profile. The technical support is the services provided to the user from the product or their services. Many companies offer tech support included or excluded form. The tech support is provided on the basis of the situation or the repairmen of the hardware […]

Airtel Online Bill Payment

Airtel Online Bill Payment – Safety Guide For Secure Payments

Technology is a great tool and it usually helps you conduct online financial transactions securely, say for example tasks like Airtel online bill payment. Most of us have heard about encryption and hard-to-read formats. This is to make your personal and private information out of bounds of being hacked or breached. But the truth is, […]

Canon Camera

How To Sell Your Used Canon Camera For The Best Prices?

Photography is a passion for many. Some people pursue it as their profession or source of income. In this respect, cameras play an important role for the photographers. To cater to varying needs of different types of users, different types of cameras are available in the relevant market. New models of various brands of cameras […]

What is Exploratory Testing in Software Testing?

Exploratory Testing – As the name proposes, Exploratory Testing refers to the concurrent learning, test execution process and test plan. Exploratory testing therefore involves test planning, examination, outlining and execution of the test, and is altogether done and in a split second. This testing is tied in with investigating the system and empowering continuous and […]

Next Generation Wi-Fi Router

Discover the Next Generation Wi-Fi Router for Robust In-Home Connectivity

Recently, Charter Spectrum has launched its next generation Spectrum Wi-Fi Router that provides the fastest speed and full coverage. The robust router features 802.11ax technology and ensures reliable connectivity on various synchronized devices within the home. Charter Spectrum became the first U.S. broadband provider to launch next-generation wireless connection across the USA. According to Jim […]

Second Hand Smartphone

Top Tips And Tricks For Finding A Good Second Hand Smartphone

With mobile companies releasing their latest models so rapidly, one cannot help but wonder the utility of buying the latest phone model that will become obsolete soon. This is when many people start considering the option of buying second hand smartphones that are easier on the pocket. An important deterrent for them is the authenticity […]