Digital Marketing (1)

What is the future of digital marketing from career point of view?

When we talk about digital marketing word, what comes in mind first are – Digital Technology, Gadgets, Traffic, Websites and many more. Digital marketing has made everything impossible thing possible and also has paved a way for the candidates in catering job opportunities for the job seekers. In today’s digitized world, organizations are focusing on […]

News Applications of 2017

Top 5 News Applications of 2017

There are many great Indian News Apps on the internet where one can read international news, business news and latest Hindi news. Everyone wants the best news app on which he can read all the news of the world. When I think of Indian top 5 Best News App 20l7 which anyone likes to have in their Smartphone are mentioned below. Google News and Weather: Google News is a great news app. One can read the latest news abroad in one’s […]

install and Uninstall UC Browser Add-ons

How to install and Uninstall UC Browser Add-ons

There are many attributes in UC Browser, which improves it when compared to other Web Browsers. It has included a few traits with which clients most effectively and without intrusion can browse on the internet. When you install UC browser on your mobile, quite a lot of applications are installed with it. These applications are […]

SDN Drive Efficiency

How SDN Drive Efficiency, Agility and Cost Savings

With enterprises looking to scale business, redesigning their networking strength is today the prime focus of attention. Many large scale enterprises relying on excessive data have transformed from a traditional network to a more refined and automated softwaredefined network. In an era where businesses are transforming to a more agile set of operations, using the […]

MARG accounting software

MARG accounting software vs BUSY accounting software

There are various accounting software which help keep your financial data in a systematic manner and provide you with correct info as and when needed. In India, for business use, there are a lot of accounting software. You need to be informed about how much revenue your business is generating and where and how is […]

Neglected SEO Practices Which can be Useful

If you are thinking of SEO as putting some backlinks on different websites and stuffing keywords in your content, you are pretty outdated. Google has made SEO a proper field of study I would say. There are many factors Google considers while ranking any website or blog. We will be talking mostly about Google because […]