How Chat Support Outsourcing Slashes the Bounce Rate?

Do you own an online business? If you do, you must be knowing how hard it is to keep the website up and running.

General thinking about updating the website restricts to jotting down new content everyday but there are other crucial parameters that keep digital marketers on their toes.

These aspects are the number of visitors, rankings (search engine), bounce rate, and conversion rate.

If you are a digital marketer or an owner of the online business, you must be obsessed with the bounce rate metric.

Bounce rate shows how many people landed on your page and left without reaching or exploring any other of your web pages.

A higher bounce rate is usually considered a bad factor for the business; not everytime though.

The bounce rate can also be high when users are landing on the page that offers them everything and hence they do not wander anywhere else.

I know, bounce rate is usually not a good omen.

To deal with this issue, a lot of businesses have turned to the chat support outsourcing, which I think is an excellent alternative.

Before we dive into the benefits of chat support, let’s first take a quick look at why a website experiences a high bounce rate. Let’s begin:

What leads to higher bounce rate?

There can be multiple reasons for the exodus of visitors from your websites without taking action. These can be:

Bad content

If the content of your web page is not at all related to your business objective or product line, the chances of visitors leaving are quite high.

For the content is the ultimate factor that binds the visitor with your business. This mismatch happens because search engine catches the keyword and provide the results to the people who are seeking similar product/service.

If the content on the web page is intriguing enough, visitors will stay longer on the web page. The longer a visitor stays more become the probability to convert him/her into a customer.

Include relevant keywords of your industry in the heading, URL, and the body of the content so as to draw a relevant audience to your business.

Technical glitch

Bugs and other tech-related issues can also raise the bounce rate of your website. Can you believe that the most common reason for a higher bounce rate is the page speed?

The more heavily your website is loaded (with images, multimedia, and scripts), the longer it takes to load.

The average speed for a website to load is 2 seconds. Anything above that cries for higher bounce rate.

No support

In the present scenario, where every other firm is providing an uninterrupted assistance to their customers, if you are not offering chat support on your website, you are inviting high bounce rate.

Visitors can feel lost and may seek assistance as to where to pay, what to look for and such queries while exploring your website. At that time if they cannot find any support, say bye-bye to your potential customers.

How chat support outsourcing lessens the bounce rate?

Not many businesses look to hire an internal chat support team, instead, they look to outsource the same.

Now, how do the outsourced chat support team is supposed to reduce the bounce rate?

Real-time assistance

The biggest value you can offer your customers is to be present with them at the right time. As soon as visitors get on your website, within few seconds live chat support is there to provide them assistance.

And the assistance they are getting is not from a computer program or a bot, but a real-time human. Hence, any issue can be resolved instantly.

This makes the visitors stay more and take action such as a purchase.

Personalized touch

For generic questions, visitors can look up to FAQs section. But for the real-time issues or any doubt, a live human assistance is a dream come true for the visitors.

One big benefit of human assistance is the personalized touch that increases the confidence of visitors on your business.


Chat support outsourcing agents ensure to make the visitors reach the end page, which ultimately enables your business to earn revenue.

There are many people who do not know how to add items to their carts or how to pay online. Offering good service at the right time is what a chat support does.

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