Check the diseases in your body by means of PET scan

The way progress is being made in the medical field has ensured that the diagnosis of any disease can be easily detected. The medical aspects of the patients are also easily diagnosed due to it,and as a result, it becomes easier for the procedure preparation of the surgery if any. For the proper diagnosis of the disease, a lot of treatment options and procedures are available which can easily scan the abnormalities.

Some of the common methods of the detection are the scanning procedure of CT scan, MRI Scan, X-rays scan, PET CT scan, PET MRI scan, etc. The ideology behind all the procedures of the above-mentioned procedures is the diagnosis of the disease of the patient by putting them under the X-rays or other matters which then scans the whole body,and an image is generated. That image is then seen on the computer screen which details all the aspect of the treatment,and that would ensure that accurate details are known about the patient. If the results are normal, then there is no need to go through any further process. However, if there is the detection of any abnormality, then the further treatment has to be undertaken.

If it was told to someone a decade or something ago that one can now pinpoint the exact issue in the body and properly diagnose it without undergoing any sort of surgery, then it wouldn’t be believed. But due to the inception of such scans, it is possible to get the accurate details of the disease.

The medical advances have made sure that all of it is possible and such technologies and facilities are now available in almost all of the leading cities as they have good hospitals. In the metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, etc. one can easily find the reputed and reliable pet ct scan centres in chennai, along with the state-of-the-art facilities.

If one feels that there are symptoms of certain issues, then it is advisable that consultation of a reliable pet ct chennai centre should be done. However, certain amount of caution should be exerted in choosing the centre as it could be a serious issue and the proper diagnosis and detection are a must. The caution is to be exerted because there have been various instances where the results were not clear or satisfactory,and when undertaken at some other facility, then certain abnormalities were detected. So to avoid such a scenario, it is advised that consultation should be made only after proper verification and surety. The thing that can help the most in that aspect is the internet. The best way is to type the relevant keywords and search it in any of the search engines,and the results will be displayed of the places which do such tests. They can be contacted as well to get the detailed information of the scans. The reviews and testimonials can also be checked on various medical portals and sites so that overall insights can also be availed.

Overview of PET scan

PET is the acronym for the positron emission topography which is basically an imaging test which is helpful for the doctor to check the diseases as it offers proper detection. The dye of radioactive tracers is utilised for this procedure. These tracers can easily be swallowed or injected or inhaled. The tissues and organs of the body can easily absorb the tracers. After that, when the PET scanner is utilised, the tracers will be helpful in determining the conditions of tissues and organs.  The detected diseases will display on the scanner as a bright spot so the doctors can easilydetermine the issue.

This scan is considered as the outpatient procedure which basically means that one can continue with their day to day tasks as soon as the scan is done. This Scan is usually ordered by the doctor when there is a need for the inspection of the blood flow, tissues and organs metabolism, or the check-up of the oxygen intake. This scan is used for the purpose of detection of cancer, brain disorders, heart problems, CNS, etc.

In a certainspecial case, the doctor can order the PET-CT or a PET-MRI scan. The CT scans utilise the X-ray equipment for the production of pictures. However, the MRI scans do not utilise the X-rays,andinstead, it uses the radio frequency pulses and magnetic fields. They create the whole structure of the internal structures like bone, organs or soft tissues.

The Risks

As this scan involves the infusion of the radioactive tracers, there is a small amount of minimal risk,but it is not a major concern when the benefits of it are weighed as well. However, it is always good to discuss with the physician or doctor about the risks involved so that better idea can be availed. The tracer is nothing but the attachment of the radioactive component with glucose. As a result of which, the body can easily terminate the tracers despite having the previous history.

If one has the issue with the iodine, then the doctor should be informed of the same prior to the test. The alternative to the iodine tracer is also available. The allergy reactions that may occur are asthma, heart disease, dehydration, kidney disease, etc. Proper preparation has to be made as well before undertaking the PET scan. One can readily go about their day after the test is performed until the physician tells otherwise. It is advised that consumption of water will be essential in flushing out the tracers out of the system.

Once the scan results are availed, the specialist will be able to decipher the images easily,and that will be shared with the doctor. If the results are normal and there is no detection of any abnormalities, then there will be no need for any further treatment but however if certain issues are detected, then the doctor will take up a follow-up appointment where the future treatment options will be discussed.

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