The Criteria, Pros, and Cons of being a permanent resident in Canada!

Canada is located in the Northern part of North American and is one of the first world countries which are filled with a number of opportunities. Canada is a now a hotbed when it comes to either jobs or higher studies, and more and more foreigners are making their way into the country for a better earning, lifestyle and livelihood. It also welcomes the intelligent brains which can contribute well to the nation and society by their expertise in theparticular field. Hence many people who want to research in the field of medical science, as well as other areas, are always welcomed by this amazing land. The system to get the visa, as well as resident permit, is also not much complex as one just needs to complete a few of the legal formalities.

The official procedures to shift in Canada is relatively more lenient than the neighboring countries, and once you have stayed there for a few years, you can apply for permanent residency as well. If you are apermanent citizen then in a few more years you can apply for the citizenship of the country. The following article will deal with the criteria, advantages, and limitations of getting a PR visa Canada.

Criteria for getting a Canadian PR Visa

Canada permanent resident Visa can be applied for once you have stayed in the country for a required number of years. One can apply if you are a skilled labor working in Canada, or an entrepreneur having your own business or a medical care giver, etc. You must in some way do your part to increase the GDP and provide to the economy of the country. You can then apply for either of the following categories:

  • Skilled Immigrants Via Express Entry
  • Federal Skilled Workers
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • PNP or Provincial Nomination Programs
  • Investors, Entrepreneurs and self-employed
  • Quebec skilled worker program
  • Live in Care giver Visa
  • Family Sponsorship

Advantages of the Permanent Residency:

There are some advantages of being a Permanent Residency card holder in Canada apart from the obvious ones. They are:

  • Once you have a permanent residency card, you can live in Canada, work, and study in Canada at the same time.
  • You will receive a number of social benefits which include health care benefits such as health insurance if you have the PR card.
  • You will be protected by the Canadian law in case of any injustice and will be tried in the Canadian court of law if you are the convict.
  • If you have been a permanent resident for a required number of years with a clear record then eventually you can apply for Canadian Citizenship.

The Limitations of the Permanent Residency Card:

  • If you are a holder of a PR card, you cannot take part in any political processes like elections and hold any government post in the country.
  • You cannot work in any high security or high clearance area even if you have a PR card.

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