Data Analytics is the Key to Success for Many Industries

The amount of data created in a day is equivalent to the amount of data which was created in the whole of the last decade. The problem is you never know what information may change a game and so you cannot really send the data down the trash bin. Data Analytics like it or not, is the only path that leads to success in today’s business scenario, ask an executive, he will agree. Let us see how analytics has impacted various fields and how at the same time data analytics certification courses have become increasingly relevant pertaining to today’s job market.

The retail industry both online and off line is absolutely dependent on big data

The number of retailers has grown simultaneously with the number of consumers. In such a situation the competition is always fierce. Inbound marketing has replaced outbound marketing in most places. Hence the primary way to get noticed is through the electronic media – through advertisements on television and social media. The content of an ad, the timing, the target audience, everything requires a certain amount of attention. Data analytics can help the enterprise out while making these decisions.

The manufacturing industry is impacted as much if not more

Each product is created with a certain consumer in mind. Getting into the consumer’s mind is the best thing a manufacturer can really do to ensure profit. Big data analytics lets a company do exactly that. Getting hold of unstructured data created by the consumers while posting on social media, writing a review or commenting on a certain page can actually lead an analyst to find patterns that speak volumes about the customer’s choices, needs and desires. With the insightful inferences made through this data an enterprise owner can not only cater to the consumer’s needs but also in some cases manipulate the consumer’s taste.

Sports and entertainment are redefined by analytics

The entertainment industry is keen on producing personalised content regularly. It is terrific how the producers like Netflix or Amazon dedicate powerful analytical systems to decide which content to run on the channel to keep the audiences tuned.

Advanced analytics has changed the sports industry as well. There are crucial analytical efforts to engage more audiences in a particular game. In game analysis adds a lot of colour to the game. Apart from this aspect data analytics has also impacted the training and preparation of players. Key physical data is analysed to prescribe training programmes and diet plans for players making the sport more entertaining and competitive.

The job market around the world has undergone significant changes

Big data analytics professionals are sought after in the whole world at the moment. Since nearly all sorts of industries have now integrated analytics for risk reduction and enhanced profitability, the demand for professionals who can handle and analyse large amounts of data has gone up. Big data experts are paid up to 30% more than a regular IT professional. The skill gap is quite wide in different parts of the world. The most number of opportunities are in USA, India and China. Data analytics certification courses can prepare you for these opportunities.

This list is not exhaustive – it leaves out a lot of fields like healthcare, banking, logistics, pharmacy, etc. This is just to show the infinite possibilities of big data analytics.                

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