Despite Supermax Contract Extension John Wall Failed to Put up Good Performance

Regarding John Wall, there was a panic among the NBA lovers about 18 months ago. The Washington Wizards offered him a Supermax contracts. However, this supermax contract was a little confusing. The contract was unique and something new to offer. So, in reply to this contract offering by the Washington Wizards, Wall stated that he needed enough time to think on that contract. At that time, many fans had thought that Wall would not accept the contract. So, there is a high chance that he would play for some other team. Well, to the surprise of the Washington fans, Wall did not have to move to another team.

Back then, the franchise had the aim to sign Wall for four years long contract. Long-term contracts give peace of mind to both players and franchises. According to the reports, Wall was offered around $169 million for the contract extension. However, it took almost three weeks for him to decide to sign the contract. He finally agreed on the terms of the contract, and Washington fans had a sigh of relief. Performance of Washington Wizards has not been great this year, compared to its performance on past seasons of the NBA. Defensive strategy of the team has not gone well in this year. The otherwise strong defense of the team has appeared quite disorganized on this current season.

Despite various flaws and eroding skills, Wall has emerged as a savior for the team once again in this year. However, with his current form, he cannot be considered as someone to do heroic against the opponents. He needs support from other players, but a disorganized team cannot give him enough support yet. Due to all such reasons, Washington is not playing well in this season. However, it is anticipated that the team will revolt soon, as it has the history to stay in the top positions of the league table. As the matches are played, the team will start doing extremely well against oppositions. Once it gets the rhythm and right team balance, it can defeat any opposing team on any given day.

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So, the falling performance of Wall is a deep concern for the Wizards now. Once upon a time, he was the main pillar of the team. Now, he has turned quite inactive on the pitch. It could be his fault, and also the team’s fault. Neither his performance nor the team strategy seems to have worked in this case. Fans, who were concerned about Wall’s signing to the team’s contract extension offer, have now turned annoyed with their star player’s performance. Nothing seems to go right for the team at this moment. However, things will revolt soon, as hoped by the fans.

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