Which DiSC Personality Style are You? How to DiSC Personality Style

The way we behave and the way we take decisions are hugely impacted by our personality and it is, therefore, important to understand what our personality is. A personality is a very complex human trait that is an interplay of different factors and it is very difficult to gauge it in a short period of time. However, thanks to the advancement in behavioural sciences and technology we can do it quite easily with online personality tests.

One such test that has produced great results that are both fast and accurate is the DiSC personality test. This is an online test where the individual who is seeking for his personality traits have to give answers to a set of questions that comes with a set of answers. If you want your personality, then you have to choose an answer that you most likely will do if you are faced with a similar situation. One thing to clarify that none of the answers is wrong nor right. They are just some of the way we will act when we are faced with a situation.

Once the DiSC personality test is completed, then the program behind this test will quickly go through the answers given and will slot you into one of the four DiSC Personality Style. Your personality trait is told by a black dot on a DiSC like a figure that is divided into four different parts. If your dot falls in any of the four segments, then you have one primary trait and another secondary trait. On the other hand, if the dot denoting your personality trait falls between two segments, then you have influences of two primary traits in your behaviour.  The position of the dot on the DiSC is also very important. If it is towards the centre of the DiSC, then the influence of your primary trait on your behaviour is very big, whereas if it is towards the edge, then the impact is not that severe.

According to this program, there is four DiSC personality style. These are Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. Among these four the first two are considered to belong to extrovert people and the last two are likely to belong to introvert people (there might be an exception to this rule). If we look at all these four traits to find out their positives, then we find that all of them have some strong points and some weaknesses. You have to identify them and then use them for your benefit. Here we are giving a brief idea of these four traits and how they stack against each other.

1). Dominance: He is more likely to be very direct in his dealings and loves to take on the leadership mantle. He has great belief in his abilities and love to work alone.

2). Influence: He loves to socialize and work with a team. He has an outgoing personality and loves to influence people to his way of thinking.

3). Steadiness: He is introvert in nature and likes to create a healthy work environment so that all can work in harmony thereby improving their productivity.

4). Conscientiousness: He likes to work alone and deliberate on any subject before taking any decision. He puts a lot of focus on improving the quality and accuracy of his decision.


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