Discover the Next Generation Wi-Fi Router for Robust In-Home Connectivity

Recently, Charter Spectrum has launched its next generation Spectrum Wi-Fi Router that provides the fastest speed and full coverage. The robust router features 802.11ax technology and ensures reliable connectivity on various synchronized devices within the home. Charter Spectrum became the first U.S. broadband provider to launch next-generation wireless connection across the USA. According to Jim Blackley, Executive Vice President, Engineering and Information Technology for Charter Communications “Our Spectrum Wi-Fi router with 802.11ax is the most advanced wireless router in the world and firmly positions Charter as the leader in advanced wireless solutions.” Unlike the old Wi-Fi standards, Charter specifically designed the 802.11ax technology that enhances the internet performance in the congested Wi-Fi settings and densely covered areas.  Blackley states, “With multi-gigabit throughout, 802.11ax unleashes the full potential of Charter’s fiber-rich network, creating a better in-home and entertainment experience and further enabling next-generation technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and advanced IoT-enabled applications.”

Charter Communications began its telecommunication services in 1994; however, in 2016, it merged with the two other telecommunication giants, i.e., Times Warner Cable and Bright House Network, leading to the inception of a brand name ‘Spectrum.’ Nevertheless, with continued commitment and dedication, Charter became the top-ranked digital services provider in the USA. Currently, it delivers state-of-the-art digital solutions like cable TV, internet, and voice in residential areas of more than forty states across the USA. Customers get the best experience of digital entertainment with Spectrum packages. Spectrum Business and Enterprise brands offer cutting-edge digital services and tools to a wide range of small-scale and large-scale business. Through its cable TV, it provides the best viewing experience with over 200 premium channels in HD including free DVR service. Also, users get thousands of on-demand choices such as movies, shows, songs, and much more. Charter internet offer blazing fast and consistent internet connection without data checkpoints. Customers can download unlimited movies and shows; enjoy live streaming and online gaming, and uploading of large files without affecting the speed of the internet. Besides, it also offers a robust Wi-Fi router to keep all the members of a family connected to the fastest internet. With Charter Voice service allows users to stay in touch with their loved ones across the globe. It provides unrestricted nationwide and worldwide calling along with 28 incredible calling features at highly affordable prices.

The next-generation Wi-Fi router supports broader coverage and best time-scheduling attributes that makes it highly efficient regarding application sensitivity assistance. Because wireless networks today face interruption and congestion, 802.11ax enhances the in-home Wi-Fi online connectivity experience. Moreover, Charter is also planning to introduce a converged wireless router in 2019 that would significantly advance the internet performance of Spectrum Wi-Fi. It would have the ability to use certified Spectrum and various IoT radio innovations utilizing single form factor design. These advancements will make the Wi-Fi router “Future Proof” and increase the efficiency of the router for both licensed and unlicensed technologies in the home. The use of advanced IoT radios will result in the adoption of future IoT applications in various fields. Additionally, it will revolutionize and enrich the lives of millions of customers across the USA.

Moreover, Charter has plans to make more natural changes in the configuration and setup of residential wireless settings. In 2019, Charter Wi-Fi router will get a Wi-Fi Radio Resource Management assistance that would optimize the in-home Wi-Fi environment through pre-installed cloud-based computing standards. For further information about the Spectrum, digital services call Charter at 1-888-922-0033.

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