Explore Mount Merapi Adventures: Enjoying Your Weekend in Different Ways

For those who are seeking for a great spot for their short holiday trip, choosing to explore Mount Merapi adventures to spend your weekend can be a wonderful solution. Mount Merapi is one of the most famous tourist attraction in Yogyakarta next to the temples and beaches due to various activity provided in the mountain and areas around it.

In the following list, we will give some suggestions about best things to do in Mount Merapi that will help you relieve your stress. Those are:

  • Drinking WedangGedang: if you are more into culinary trip, Mount Merapi also offers unique cuisine. WedangGedang, or literally means Banana Drink, is available near the village of Kinahrejo, Kaliurang’s eastern area. In line with the name, the major ingredient of this drink is chopped banana. The chopped banana is served with warm liquid created from various Indonesia’s traditional herbs, such as ginger, pandan leaves, cinnamon, and brown sugar. You can purchase the drink in various stalls within Kinahrejo.
  • Joining Lava Tour: as the most famous tourist activity, it will be a huge loss if you did not try this activity. This tour will provide a jeep and a driver that will bring you to explore Mount Merapi’s remains of its latest eruption in 2010. You will enjoy adrenaline rush through its steep and rocky slopes and small, shallow river. It will be more exciting to join this tour during rainy season as the road become more slippery. You do not have to worry about safety as the drivers are all professionals. Each package lasts around 2-3 hours, depending on the track you choose, whether the short or long tracks.
  • Drinking Coffee Merapi: the mountain also offers a great deal for coffee lovers with its local coffee. Thanks to its volcanic activity, the soils of the lands around it become well-fertilized, thus suitable for growing commodities, including coffee. The most famous area is Bebeng, in Kaliurang’s southeastern part. The most famous coffee shop in the area called Coffee Shop Merapi. While enjoying your coffee, you can also enjoy the landscapes of various eruption sites. You can also choose your coffee, from Arabica to Robusta. Coffee packages are also available for souvenirs.
  • Hiking Pronowijo Hill: this place is popular among photographer thanks to its beautiful landscapes of Mount Merapi. To be able to see these landscapes, you need to climb the hill to the top. While climbing you will see a lot of wild monkeys. But do not be scared, even though the monkeys are wild, they are pretty tame to even play with. This spot is truly a must-visit for those who love taking good pictures.

The lists above already explain some of interesting activities during your trip to Mount Merapi and area surrounding it. There are still a lot of fun things that Mount Merapi offers. But if you only have days in weekend to go to this mountain, then the activities above should give a good insight about everything you can do at Mount Merapi.

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