Facts about the compound ‘Tri-Ten’

Tri-Tren, also known as known as Tri-Trenbolone, is a blend of three potent Trenbolone compounds. It is an extremely powerful steroid blend of the three active homones that include Trenbolone Acetate, TrenboloneEnanthate, and Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzyl carbonate. Studies suggests that this hormone is a variation of nandrolone hormone with double bonds at carbon 9 and 11. Tri-tren is unique in its own way and much different from the other steroids out there, meaning it produces some phenomenal changes in your body – increasing the androgen affinity, thus preventing the hormone from aromatizing. Despite the mixture of these three active hormones, tri-trenbolone has the same effects as that of trenbolone.

But this steroid has earned a name for itself; it has the reputation of the most potent anabolic androgenic steroids in the market today. The recommended tri tren dosage per week is about 300 to 500mg – about 50mg for every two days. However, if your workout regimen is strict and if you are hoping to speed up the effects, it is advised to increase the dosage to 70mg for every two days. When it comes to enhancing your muscles during the steroid cycle, tri-trenbolone is the best. For beginners, tri-trenbolone cycle is advised to last 8 weeks. For intermediate and heavy bodybuilders, the cycle can go up to 12 weeks with the steroid dosage of 75-100mg.

Some notable gains

Some people also believe that the compound is very effective in translating the much needed anabolic and androgenic effects to your muscles unlike its counterparts. When it comes to translating the anabolic and androgenic effects more effectively, nobody does it better then tri-trenbolone, the reason why this compound is being preferred by many athletes and bodybuilders worldwide. It also has the potential to offer similar effects as offered by the other steroids, but at greater rates and efficiency than the others, making it one of the best steroids available in the market.This steroid accounts for considerable nitrogen retention which is essential in maintaining your muscle strength, thus preserving the muscle tissues (Lesser nitrogen levels leads to catabolic muscles). It also increases your insulin-like growth factor, thus enhancing your cartilages, muscle tissues, ligaments and the nervous system. But like all other steroids, this too can cause some dangerous side effects. So it is best recommended to make a detailed study on the steroid’s effects before resorting to use it.

 Effects and reviews

Some of the notable pros this steroid use creates include – preservation, conditioning, overall enhancement, and supplementing fat loss. When strictly followed the Tri tren dosage per week, this compound can not only protectyour lean muscles but can also help in shedding of some significant amount of weight off the body, thus promoting a toned physique. Some users claim to have developed an increased level of aggression on using this steroid. Though these side effects vary from person to person, a majority of them complain about the “Tren cough” that occurs five seconds after the injection of the steroid. This often causes difficulty in breathing, followed by vomiting. This steroid can also cause an increase in blood pressure. Some of the other side effects include paranoia, increased anxiety, sleeplessness etc.

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