Food that fills your stomach and your heart

Food is something that human beings cannot live without. Food is the only thing that keeps us alive. Just to stay alive and carry out our day to day activities we need to eat regularly. Now the fact that we have to eat regularly does not make food a burden to human kind. Eating is probably the best thing that humans do. Food makes us happy. Delicious mouth-watering foods that fill our stomach as well as make our hearts content are food worth eating. Food is something that human beings have been eating to survive since the Old Stone Age. But nowadays things are not the same as the Old Stone Age. Now we can survive and live comfortably and thus unlike our ancestors we do not have to eat anything and everything we can find. We have the luxury to pick and choose. Thus, we choose to eat food which is mouth wateringly delicious and is cooked to perfection. Human beings have taken eating to a whole new level; and because of the great diversity that exists among human beings the eating habits are also diverse. This has resulted in a great many dishes being created which are absolutely breath-taking to look at, smells amazing and tastes divine. These dishes are very different from each other due to the fact that they have been prepared traditionally by people from different regions of the world when globalisation was not yet there.

Here we are going to list a few of the foods which you should eat if ever you get the chance to. Following are the list of such dishes which are a must eat:

  • Pepper chicken: This is a simple dish that can be prepared pretty easily and is absolutely worth every penny you would be spending to get this dish. You can even cook this dish yourself. To know the recipe all you have to do is just go online and search pepper chicken recipe and you would find enough results that would be able to help you cook this dish. It is better to watch a video of this dish being prepared before attempting to cook this yourself.
  • Hummus: This is a dish that is found in the Middle Eastern regions of the world. This is a very humble dish that is preferred by many people mostly because of its simplicity which makes this and absolutely beautiful dish.
  • Chilli crab: This is an absolutely mouth wateringly delicious dish that can be found in Singapore. This is a dish which is so popular that people actually visit Singapore to try out this dish by themselves.
  • Parma ham Italy: This is a dish that is locally found in Italy and is absolutely delicious. If you ever get the chance this is a must try.

There are plenty of other dishes like this which are must try if you ever get the chance but these four are food that you must eat at least once before you die.


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