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Pornography is quite popular and in existence not only in our country but in a number of places around the world. With the advent of the World Wide Web there has been a sharp increase in growth of pornography. Internet has made the viewing of porn videos quite accessible and that has led to an increase in the number of porn sites in today’s time and age. Xvideos is known to be the most popular and the most viewed pornographic site, it has everything from adult videos to incest videos to teen videos. According to a recent study Xvideos has above 350 million visitor in a month, this is quite a big number which also is an indication of the number of people viewing porn on a  daily basis all around the world.

Earlier, people used to view Xvideos on their computer or on the laptop, but with the introduction of smartphones a number of people have started viewing these Xvideos on their android phones. There are sites that allow free download xvideo through applications that are available outside and are not there on the Google play store.

Watching porn is something that is one’s personal choice and wish until and unless it is not restricted in the country. However, it is suggested that one should watch Xvideos on the PC rather than on the android phone as it is not considered safe and here are a few valid reasons for proving this.

Why should one not view Xvideo on the phone?

  • Security being the most important, according to a number of studies it has been noticed that porn sites are the biggest reason for malware getting into the phone. This means that watching porn on the phone is much more harmful than watching it on the PC.
  • Porn tickers, this is something that is quite irritating. Porn tickers disguise themselves as characters in games so if you download without seeing then you might just welcome more malware.
  • There is no system of private containers on the smartphones which is a big drawback.
  • If you have your location services enabled then there is a strong chance of your locating being revealed while you are watching porn.

There is no harm in free downloading Xvideos but it is better and safer if it is done on the PC rather than the phone.

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