Healthy and Low Calorie Corn flakes cake

In today’s healthy eating age one cannot ditch the cake no matter what, but here the good news now you can have the healthier version of the cake that is made by cornflakes yes, you hear it right you can ORDER CAKE IN SIKAR which is completely a healthier version made out of cornflakes.

Cornflakes cake will not give regret after eating it you didn’t have to plan a next day workout or a no sugar diet for 1 week. You’ll celebrate any special day in a healthy way.

Here are some ingredients you can replace in your cake in order to make it healthy:


Applesauce is a great alternative for sugar or fat in a cake, but when you are substituting it for sugar or fat don’t replace both at the same time .for sugar use apple sauce as a replacement in 1:1 ratio.

Also make sure to reduce the amount of milk, water or any other liquid by ¼ cup for every cup of applesauce you add.

To cut down the fat like oil or butter, replace half of the fat with half of the applesauce like, if a recipe says to use 1 cup of butter used, ½ cup of butter and ½ cup of applesauce.

Swap all-purpose flour:

All purpose flour or white flour is processed flour that removes the bran and germ from the wheat, which takes out all the healthy part of flour like fiber.

You can opt for

  • Whole wheat flour.
  • Spelled flour: Has high in protein and has fewer calories, make sure not to over-beat as it will break it down.
  • Brown rice flour: it is gluten free and slightly nutty in flavor can be used as white flour replacer.
  • Oat flour: the most common one used in baking as 1:1 ratio and, needs more liquid than usual so make sure to keep your liquid ratio right.
  • Banana flour: it is the next baking trend for replacing white flour can be used as self-rising flour which is both gluten free and grain free.

Cut down the toppings:

Why top your already sweetened cake with more refined sugar. Instead, try to use a lighter version of frostings like coconut whipped cream or meringue.

Instead of using sprinkles and candy to make your cake more appealing, top it with fresh fruits, nuts or antioxidant-rich dark chocolate. 

Cutting down the fat:

There is a number of options avail to replace the unnecessary fat in your cake. Not that fat is unhealthy but why to add extra when you have an alternative for it.

  • Mashed banana: one cup of mashed banana can be used to substitute 1 cup of butter or oil.
  • Prunes puree: for chocolate cakes add ¾ cup of prunes puree with ¼ cup of boiling is a great alternative for 1 cup of butter.
  • Olive oil: this wonder will work great with alternating butter. Instead of using 1 cup butter just add 1 cup of olive oil in your favorite cake recipe.

One can opt for a healthy lifestyle if wish to, as nature has provided some great healthy alternative.

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