Humanitarian Aid and the Financial System – A Vicious Circle in the Eyes of Sam Zherka

It is an inhuman circle. Humanitarian help is needed more than ever as a result of the financial system and as a result of the economy; individuals do not have the funds to donate. So, how can one break the cycle and assist those who cannot help themselves?

Aid and Donation are at an all time low with most individuals struggling just to put food on the plate at home. Those who used to donate charitably are powerless to find the extra funds to give. Even those who forfeited their time for organizations have been forced to work for extended durations or find substitute ways to make more money or at least hoard it. People just cannot have enough money to give like they used to. The consequence is a huge slip in the humanitarian assistance being sent around the globe.

Foundations have always protested about how hard it is to find volunteers or raise funds. In these tough financial times, they are even scarcer. It is time to find a diverse model to increase funds. Instead of depending on donations, many charities are looking to raise funds through several methods.

A humanitarian is a person who dynamically engages in promoting social reforms and human welfare, and who has no bigotry with human suffering on grounds of sexual orientation, gender, spiritual or national divisions. A humanitarian’s goal is to relieve suffering, save lives, and preserve human dignity. This can be done in the form of liberating and providing safety for immigrants, providing food and shelter for the homeless, or helping people in the repercussion of civil unrest or natural disasters.

One such humanitarian person who has found a gleaming way to not only endures these tough economic times but to flourish through them is Sam Zherka. Sam Zherka has served his time and is once more on his path to immensity. His ambitions and dreams are greater and bigger than ever. He is motivated to surmount the world and while on that path wants to teach and inspire others how to succeed. His mission is to provide development and relief for impoverished areas around the earth.

For him, raising funds to complete humanitarian undertakings has never been easier. He is also backed by a unique business model. They generate funds from everyday individuals who usually would not have the means to donate by using the profits and power of the network marketing business model. Journals show individuals love aiding him in his undertaking and because of this more and more individuals are joining him and sharing his mission with others. This produces more funds for humanitarian aid, more child sponsors, and more assistance for those who actually need it.

Sam Zherka is breaking the cycle. Raising funds does not have to be complex if you combine it with something the customer already requires and wants. By giving others what they want; safer better, products and a chance to build earnings from home while donating to valuable charities, Sam Zherka get what he wants; the chance to create generational revolution worldwide.

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