Ideas to Surprise Your loved ones for Diwali

God said, “Let there be light,”; and there was light. In India, we say, “Happy Diwali”; and there’s light. Deepawali or Diwali celebrates the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. Every region has a different folklore and a different deity that they worship to portray this concept. However, the fervour for this fall festival is same among everybody. One of the main rituals of Diwali involves the lighting earthen oil lamps – called “diya”- and placing them in every corner and periphery of the house. Often, rows of fairy lights are strung to light the whole neighborhood. There is a huge exhibit of fireworks and crackers in every household. Every Indian festival is incomplete without gifts and sweets and Diwali is no exception.

When it comes to gifts, we all want to gift something unique to our dear ones. Handmade diwali gifts online are an option which save a lot of time and are often a lot more personal as it shows that you have taken out time and put in your effort and creativity into it. Besides, they are easy on the pocket and customisable. There are a lot of handmade gift ideas you may find over the internet for inspiration. Down below are a selected few for Diwali.

  • Take a clean jar and layer your choice of cake with whipped cream, cream cheese, peanut butter or jams. Choose different textures and complementary flavours to give your loved one a sugar rush until the next Diwali.
  • It makes complete sense if you gift candles during the festival of lights. Get plain, unscented pillar candles which come at very reasonable prices. Glue cinnamon sticks all around the candle to give it a rustic look and the warm aroma of cinnamon !
  • Remember all those times you had collected sea shells from beaches on your vacation ? Time to turn them into cute little candles. Simply place a wick in the centre of the sea shell and pour in melted wax until filled.
  • Another jar craft idea ! Take an empty clean glass jar and wrap rubber bands or string around it leaving little gaps in between. Then, spray paint it in any desired colour. Metallic paint are very trendy this season. Once the colour dries, take off the rubber bands or string and place a tealight inside the jar.
  • Put your old colourful bangles to new use. Stack them up and glue them to each other. Stick a cardboard circle at the bottom and put a tealight within. You won’t need rain for rainbows anymore !
  • Have those one or two glasses which survived from the whole set ? Time to glam them up. Take glitter and glue and cover the glasses halfway. Place a candle inside and voila ! Your glam candles are ready to shine.
  • You may also get some diya from the market and let your imagination run wild. Use paints of different colours, glitter, crystals and sequins to customise them as you wish.
  • You mag also make homemade chocolates or sweets and wrap them in colourful wrappers. Then box then in pretty boxes to gift them to your loved ones.

However, if you cannot afford to invest the time or effort that a handmade gift requires, you may resort to the option of buying one. Handmade gift items for diwali are not only aesthetically pleasing but also rewards the efforts of the craftsmen and artisans who are involved in making the product. With the expansion of e-commerce, you can find these little gems at various online stores.

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