Impressive Decoration Tips For The Wall Above The Sofa

When you enter your new house, all you care about is where to place the furniture you have spent time choosing. When it is done,  you breathe calmness and tries to arrange the kitchen and then everything else. Then finally comes the time for the decoration of the rooms.

A house is nothing if it does not have art. Photographs of your last vacation or birthday celebrations and paintings by your dear friend need to have its own place. Do you feel the same? If you adore art and want something bold and unique for the wall behind your sofa then it is the best time to experiment with colors and patterns.

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The designers have so many advice for those who have just moved to a new house or apartment about what to do and what not to do while decorating the wall of your living room just behind the sofa. Read them out to focus on what suits your style and taste.

  • Keep It Gaudy And Eye-Catching

A big artwork over the wall behind your sofa has to be strikingly beautiful to the visitors and most importantly to you. Keep it colorful and at the same time, it should complement the interior of the living room.

An uninteresting art piece will keep the look dull. For an eye-catching experience and to enhance the beauty of the surrounding, pick a large piece of art, full of colors.

  • a Big Mirror Is All You Need

It happens when you do not want to make a painting a center of attraction and it is totally understandable. Well, how about a mirror? Mirrors have more than a single benefit as a decorative piece. It makes space look bigger than usual as it reflects the light. In addition to this, it beautifies the appearance of the wall.

People generally place a huge mirror for the sake of filling the empty wall behind the sofa. This is certainly a wrong practice. You need to have a good look around the room whether the mirror matches the interiors or not. If it does not you can go ahead with the next idea mentioned.

  • Your Photographs Are Just Perfect For The Walls

The idea of mirrors does not strike you, isn’t it? Well, let’s talk about the photographs now!

You can show off your photographic skills by framing the pictures of your family, vacations, barbeque parties, weddings etc. There is so much to do here. Place them all one by one because a single picture is just not enough, right?

Make a picture gallery and you can cherish them whenever you want. Do not let the beautiful memories fade away. Get them on the wall exactly behind that classy sofa.

  • But Storage Is An Issue Too!

Adopt such a decoration idea that are multipurpose. You always fall short of storage if your house or apartment is a bit small. On the other hand, you want the space to look good no matter what. The solution to such a problem is getting those shelves on the wall.

Display the accessories with the help of shelves to make it look amazingly beautiful. Take care that they are attached to the wall tightly so that it does not hurt the person sitting on the couch.

  • Showoff Your Love To Your Favorite Possessions

At times, we spend fortunes on something that is not required. We hardly look at the stuff we already have. For example, if you are a guitar player, then you can place the collection of guitars on the walls so that you can reach them whenever you want. Enjoy some music while talking and create some best moments.

Book lovers can get a huge rack of their love at an arms distance. Enjoy your favorite read after dinner or early morning with the collection of the popular books placed on the shelves.

  • Wanderlust Is In Your Blood

Put a world map or the maps of the countries to give an amazing look. Your children will show more interest in the geography through the maps. Cherish the memories of the places you have visited before. Use sepia toned, black and white or colorful maps for that perfect look.

While hanging whatever you want, make it sure that the piece is neither too small nor too large. Keep it almost two third of the sofa width for the perfect interior. Be creative, throw some vibrant colors and be yourself with whatever you do. Happy decorating!

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