Indian Cuisine and it’s Various Cooking Oils to Enhance Flavor and Taste

India is a country of varied castes, religion, ethnicity and languages. This huge difference in the population has given rise to an incredible array of dishes that are prepared in this great land of ours. Every region has its special dishes and also different processes through which those mouth-watering dishes are cooked. Some are fried, some are steamed but whatever be the procedure the end product is always a delicious mouth-watering meal.

Indian Cuisine
Indian Cuisine

In India, frying of foods is one of the preferred way of cooking the food and people in different parts of India use different kind of edible oils for this purpose. Every oil that Indians use to cook their food in have their own positives that not only enriches the tastes and smell of the dishes prepared but also have a significant impact on the overall health of the individual who is eating that meal. Here we will like to take a look at some of the popular edible oils that are used in the India kitchen and how they add on to the taste of the food.

1). Mustard oil: People in north, west and eastern part of India use the kachi Ghani Pure mustard oil regularly to fry their food. The tangy taste of this oil and its high smoking point make it so popular for deep frying of different food materials. Besides increasing the taste of the food, it also has several health benefits when taken regularly. Some of these benefits includes keeping the heart healthy, fighting cancer, improving the appetite and many more.

2). Sunflower oil: People who want to eat healthy are afraid of too much fat in the vegetable oil use the refined sunflower oil to cook their food items. This oil is ideal for deep frying and as it has a light taste and smell it allows the raw ingredients of the food to retail some of their flavor. It has a light yellowish colour and is very easy to digest. This oil is also very healthy for our heart.

3). Coconut oil: Coconut oil is predominantly used in the southern part of the country. The unique taste and smell of this oil make it an excellent choice in preparing some of the choicest dishes. This oil is also very easy to digest and has several health benefits.

4). Soybean oil: This oil is alternately used with sunflower oil. It has a pungent taste of its own that give a special flavor to the dishes that are cooked in this oil. As this oil is extracted from the Soybeans, it is rich in several vitamins and minerals that are excellent for our health.

5). Ghee: Ghee is used in northern and western parts of India. It is preferred due to the amazing flavour it produces and the huge health benefits it has for our health.

While all these oils are excellent choices, it is important to use them in moderation as excess use of any fatty substances in our meal for a longer duration can lead to health problems.


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