Some Information about Oracle Database Migration

An Oracle database is associated with a specific collection of data that is treated as a single unit. The primary goal of a database system is to store and retrieve all the related information. The database server is considered as the main key in order to solve the problems involved with the information management. Generally, a server can appropriately handle a large range of data associated with a multi-user environment. This enables different users in order to access the same data concurrently. This is particularly accomplished in order to deliver an effective performance. The database server helps in order to check any kind of unauthorized access as well as provides a range of effective methods for the failure recovery.

The migration is involved with the Pre-Migration Analysis, Migration Plan, Migration Execution, Validation, as well as Unique Tools and Automation. The goldengate migration oracle is used in order to reduce the downtime associated with different types of migrations, updates, application upgrades, database upgrades, hardware infrastructures, endian changes, and switching storage. The migration is associated with the legacy databases, applications, and hardware. The Oracle ACS (Advanced Customer Support) can effectively migrate the customer’s Oracle products and packaged applications for the latest Oracle technology. The Oracle Advanced Customer Support helps the customers for taking the value advantage involved with the modern Oracle technology. It is linked with the faster results and lesser risk. The Oracle Advanced Customer Support is involved with more than twenty years of experience in the migration sector. It is featured with proven methodologies, required skills, practices, and delivery tools for delivering the successful migrations associated with the Oracle products. The Oracle Migration Service can help in reducing the risk of migration. It allows the customers in order to use the Oracle software more effectively through the follows:

  • Migration of the production environments, test, and development.
  • Experienced engineers in order to perform the migration operation.
  • Supporting and mentor for the perfect deployment.
  • Database optimizations such as compression and re-organization.

The Oracle Advanced Customer Support helps the customers at every phase of their database migration.  The steps associated with the database migration are Pre-Migration analysis, Optimization, Validation, Migration testing, and Cutover. The migration operation is coordinated and supervised by an efficient and experienced Oracle Technical Account Manager from the initial phase to the last phase. The best part is that the migration process can be completed in a couple of days, whereas a typical migration takes weeks to months for completing.

Migration of Oracle Database

Service Scope

  • Migration operation is associated with the Oracle Database 9i and 10g to 11g or 12c and from 11g to 12c (container database CDB and pluggable database PDB).
  • It is associated with a direct migration to PDB.
  • The particular process supports the migration across the various platforms.
  • It is associated with the Database optimizations as well as re-organization like compression.
  • Parallelized migration based on the hardware resources.

Key benefits:

  • The optimal migration in a little downtime.
  • Simplified new features.
  • Database optimizations.
  • Simplified platform migration.

So, an excellent success factor for the transition to the modern Oracle technology is to migrate oracle database.

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