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Canada, being one of the best countries in the world, has attracted tourists and immigrants alike. People after visiting the country have dreams of settling there as well. That thought is certainly not impossible but it is pretty hard as there are a variety of factors that one needs to fulfil before availing a permanent resident status. We are going to look at one such specific program, namely, the Quebec Skilled Worker program and what you need to fulfil before applying for it.

What is the Quebec Skilled Worker program and what do you need to do? 

  • As the name of the program suggests, it is a program where a worker needs to have a certain work experience to get into the country, and a certain place in the country which is, Quebec.
  • The main factor that this program specifies is that the applicant must have amiable job experience, to a level where it is convincing enough that the country seems reasonable for one to get in.
  • Since a lot of people apply for such a visa, it is sort of hard to get through and hence that is where the job experience helps.
  • Since there are so many nationalities, this is a factor which helps break down things and sort things out more easily by allocating different nationalities different processing times.
  • For instance, a quebec skilled worker visa from india would have a processing time of about 11-12 months which is fairly decent when compared to the maximum and the average together.
  • Once you realise the processing time, the next thing one has to do is realise if they are eligible for the program in the first place. Apart from the work experience, one should also have a qualification which falls under the listing provided by the program and one which has foreign recognition.
  • Apart from the educational qualifications, one needs to have good scored in English and French as Quebec is a city where French is highly spoken and recognised.
  • Other factors which help are recognition, such as recognition from a relative who already stays in Canada.
  • Finally, one needs to meet the minimum points which are set by the program to get in, if the minimum points are surpassed, then one would be eligible for the program but one should aim to get more than just minimum as there are a lot of people applying for the program and hence you would ideally need higher recognition status to be selected into the program.

Insights on Quebec Skilled Worker Program 

This is an excellent program and offers an equal chance for everybody to get in, the eligibility is not that hard to satisfy and one that can easily be attainable at the same time as well. Hence, the Quebec Skilled Program is an amazing initiative to help people get into their dream country!

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