Know 20 Amazing Things About Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is a famous Taiwanese tea based beverage that was invented in the 1980s in Taiwan and since then it has gained consistent popularity.

In spite of being so popular, there are still certain things that a lot of people do not know about Bubble Tea.

Here are 20 amazing things that you should know about Bubble Tea.

  1. Bubble Tea was invented in a staff meeting

There has been a story about it that Lin Hsiu Hui, the product development manager for Chun Shui Tang Teahouse was trying to entertain herself in a boring meeting and so she mixed the tapioca dessert with her tea. The mixture turned out to be delicious. Soon it was added to the menu and became of one of the top selling product.

  1. It is becoming popular day by day

Although the Bubble Tea was invented in Taiwan and the Bubble Tea Shops are found on every street of Taiwan.

But the popularity of Bubble Tea has not been confined to Taiwan only. Over the years, Bubble Tea has become excessively famous in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and the United States.

  1. It has other names as well

Bubble Tea is also known as Pearl Milk Tea, Boba Milk Tea, Boba Tea, Tapioca Tea, Zhen Zhou Nai Cha, Black Pearl Tea, Boba Nai Cha, Foam Milk Tea, Momi Milk Tea, Q (means chewy in Chinese) and many other local names.

  1. The term “Bubble Tea” does not refer to Tapioca Pearls

A lot of people think that the term “Bubble Tea” has originated from the Tapioca Pearls that are there at the bottom of the cup.

But actually, the term “Bubble Tea” comes from the fact that it is shaken with ice in a cocktail shaker. A bubble froth appears on the top of the drink as a result of shaking.

  1. The Tea is served in a cup

Generally, tea is either served in an open cup or a plastic cup that has a lid to cover the beverage. But a lot of tea houses have started using completely sealed lids.

The top cup is permanently sealed with cellophane that makes it easy for the tea to be shaken strongly and also prevents spilling of the beverage. All you need to do is to pierce the cellophane and enjoy the drink.

  1. Tapioca Pearls are extracted from Cassava Root

Tapioca Pearls comes from Tapioca which is a starch that is extracted from the Cassava Root.

This vegetable root has nearly twice the calories of potatoes and is a staple food in most of the developing countries.

They are a large source of energy but then they can be toxic if eaten raw. And for this reason, the Tapioca starch has to be detoxified before consumption.

  1. Tapioca Pearls can be brown or white in color

Generally, the Tapioca pearls are black but sometimes they can be, brown, white or transparent. The color of the Tapioca pearls actually depends on the ingredients of the pearls.

When the Tapioca Roots just contain Cassava roots, they are white in color.

The brown Tapioca Roots contain Cassava roots, brown sugar, and even food color.

  1. Boba Pearls are extremely chewy

To make it fit for consumption, the Tapioca Pearls are boiled with warm water and sometimes even sugar is added to it. If the Tapioca Pearls are overcooked, they become very soggy and on the other hand, when they are undercooked, they remain hard. Once they are cooked properly, they are quickly chilled so that they become chewy.

  1. Bubble Tea can be shaken or blended

A unique thing about the Bubble Tea is that you get it shaken with ice or blended like a smoothie.

You can use ice cubes and shake them with the Bubble Tea in a cocktail mixer or a machine.

And if you like Bubble Tea the other way round, then you can also blend your Bubble Tea with ice to get a smoothie like consistency.

  1. You can drink it with huge straws

Unlike the other beverages, the Bubble Tea uses an oversized straw due to the presence of the Tapioca Pearls. Since the Tapioca Pearls are the size of a marble, that is why thicker straws are used so that it becomes easy for the Tapioca Pearls to roll up the straw.

  1. Bubble Tea is for everyone

Primarily, the Bubble Tea gained huge popularity amongst the Taiwanese children.

Some people thought that the Bubble Tea is a beverage that was specially designed for children.

However, the truth is totally opposite. Bubble Tea is a drink that can be consumed by almost everyone be it children or adults.

  1. You can order the Bubble Tea without Tapioca Pearls

That is true, you can order the Bubble Tea without the Tapioca Pearls. There might be some people who are allergic to the Tapioca Pearls or just do not like its taste.

So, to make sure that those people also enjoy its mesmerizing taste, Bubble Tea can be ordered without the Tapioca Pearls.

  1. You can have your customized flavored Bubble Tea

There are four main components of a Bubble Tea, which are tea, milk, boba, and flavor.

On the basis of these main components, there are hundreds of flavors that are invented. Not only you get a lot of Bubble Tea options but you also get the liberty to customize the flavors according to your choice.

  1. Do not drink the tea in a hurry

As the Bubble Tea contains Tapioca Pearls, therefore it is advised not to drink this beverage too fast. The reason for this is that drinking the Bubble Tea in a hurry, you might swallow the Tapioca Pearls which might lead to a choking hazard.

Hence, it is always recommended to drink the beverage calmly and chew the Tapioca Pearls thoroughly.

  1. Bubble Tea starts with a tea

This is no brainstormer. As the name already contains the term “Tea”, hence it is self-understood that the base of this beverage is the tea.

Here, the tea can be of any type, black tea, milk tea, green tea etc.

  1. Choose between dairy and nondairy milk

Not only you can customize the flavors, but you can also choose what type of milk do you want to put in your Bubble Tea.

You have a variety of options for milk as well like the dairy milk, soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk or even the condensed milk.

  1. Pick your flavors

Bubble Tea has a range of flavors with bright and attractive colors. There is a broad array of syrups that control the taste and color of your tea.

There are fruit flavors like mango, strawberry, apple, orange, peach, blueberry, pineapple etc. There are other flavors which are also available like peppermint, coffee, chocolate, caramel and much more.

  1. Decide how much sugar do you want

Some people are health conscious and for this reason, they avoid consuming large intakes of sugar. If you are one of them who prevents consuming sugar but then you also want to taste Bubble. Great news for you, because you can decide how much sugar do you want in your cup of Bubble Tea.

  1. You can choose between Tapioca Pearls or Jelly

Gone are the days when only Tapioca Pearls were used in the Bubble Tea. Owing to the constantly increasing competition, some tea houses experimented with the different types of toppings. This lead to the introduction of other assorted toppings with Bubble Tea. You can now use popping boba, jelly and even pudding in your Bubble Tea.

  1. Do you like hot or cold bubble tea

Bubble Tea is one of those beverages that is served both hot and cold. According to your choice or even the weather conditions, you can choose as to which type of Bubble Tea would you prefer either hot or cold.


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