Know the types of Logical reasoning test that can be used for hiring

When it comes to selecting the potential candidate, it is important to first understand what all types of pre-screening test can be used. Talking about pre screening aptitude and psychometric test are the most common ones that are used for hiring. The test focuses on understanding the in depth behavioural pattern at the same time strengths and weakness of the candidates that a company can use in near future to stay ahead in the competition. Both these type of test are further categorized into more pf the types and when it comes to using the right type, you need to be first aware about the purpose.

Understanding the use of logical reasoning test:

Talking about the psychometric test, logical reasoning test is a part of the same. The test focuses on understanding the logical reasoning of the candidate and whether it can co-relate to one another in a better manner or not. It is all about assessing the ability of the candidate to come up with an actual reasoning which further can help your business grow in better manner. There are different types of logical reasoning test which can be used interchangeably. Such type of test is quite similar to the methodology and the layout however, with the subtle and new differences you can come up with the most efficient one. Here is the list of some of the common tests that are used:

Inductive reasoning:

The focus of such type of test is to analyse the ability of the candidate to drive a conclusion which depends on the patterns that are observed in certain events. The logical at inductive platform is generally used in routine life and that is the reasoning practical to a work place environment. In such test, candidate can offer certain diagrams series with a strong pattern. The focus of the candidate is to know the pattern in diagrams sequence and come up with the diagram of another sequence. This is one effective medium but to use it, you may need help of the subject matter expert.

Deductive reasoning:

The focus of such test is entirely on the basic rule or principle that focuses on certain conclusion. Such type of test helps in evaluating and also measuring the ability of the candidate to drive the logical arguments and come up with the sound conclusion that entirely depends on the selective data and also know some flaws in certain information. No doubt that it is one efficient tool that helps in selecting the process as such type of test is the most common one used in the work place. Such test is usually sued with the numerical and verbal reasoning tests.

Abstract reasoning:

Popularly known as the conceptual reasoning test, it focuses on understanding the lateral thinking of the candidate. The ability of the candidate to understand the trends, relationship and pattern is more basically focused in here. The candidate will offer the wide range images series that follows the logical sequence or some of the rules that are underlying. As a part of assessment, you can also include the sequence role or find the diagram that is missing or identify the code as well.

Diagrammatic reasoning:

This is one of the most common used platforms of assessment for the candidate. The focus of such test is to assess the ability that comes with a diagrams and symbols flowchart. It includes input and output and the right way you can use the pattern. The focus of the candidate is to understand the diagrams input effects and thus come up with a certain output based rules.

Critical thinking:

To make your company analyse the candidate in much better way, you can also use critical thinking as a part of hiring process. It is another type of verbal reasoning test that also comes under logical test. It focuses on assessing different types of logical reasoning in terms of assumptions, arguments and even conclusion. Generally the logical ability is tested through such assessment that includes the conclusions to be evaluated, arguments to be analyses and inferences to be made.

Although the above mentioned parts of logical test are part of hiring process but according to some of the subject matter experts, there are companies that also use some of the rare but effective types of it such as:

Talent Q Elements Logical Ability

The best part of such test is it is extremely easy to adapt. This means the difficulty of every question is determined straightway as per the performance made in the previous question. As the question gets challenging, it means the candidate is progressing at a faster pace.

At times, you may wonder whether you are going on a right track to do hiring though such type of not. But the fact is as long as you know the purpose behind using such test and the profile on which you wish to use it, there is no issue coming up in your hiring process. Furthermore, it is also important that you look for the better solution that would retain most of your employees, and at the same time, allows you to make the wise investment unlike the mistakes that you have done in your past during hiring. So what are waiting for? Start with the effective mode of hiring today and see the difference.

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