The Maharajas’ Express: Perfect for Culture Tours of India

Arts and culture of a country play a substantial role in promoting tourism for the place. People are attracted by the cultural richness and splendid artistry of a country. India is among the top countries of the world to exhibit a rich culture that attracts swarms of tourists from across the globe.

Culture tours India are booming. Foreigners desire to know India better. Indians desire to know different cultures of states other than the one they reside in. Each state in India displays different cultures. Culture of Rajasthan is different from that of Maharashtra. North Indian culture and South Indian culture show astonishing differences. East India is a stark difference from West India. That’s what makes the country an interesting place to tour.

Luxury trains of India make your tour more interesting…and of course ultra luxurious. All the tours are perfectly planned and well guided. You need not worry about accommodations, dining, arranging for sightseeing, and other such aspects of touring. You only must enjoy.

Talking of luxury trains, the Maharajas’ Express comes to the mind immediately. This is India’s most expensive and luxurious train. It has received several national and international awards; some of them are bestowed by prestigious travel magazines.

This “luxury on wheels” is half a mile long with 24 carriages. Its 7 intelligently-planned tours promote Indian culture tourism beautifully.

Popular states for culture tours

Although each state of India has something unique to offer culturally and historically, states like Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu are more popular.

Rajasthan has “raja” in its name. Raja means king. The state, undoubtedly, features many royally rich cities that talk of a rich legacy through its stunning forts, palaces, and gardens. Folk music and dance drip of a vibrant culture. The state is famous for its various fairs and festivals. The same is true for Gujarat.

Uttar Pradesh is famous for its Taj Mahal, holy cities like Varanasi, “nawabi” Lucknow, and more. Maharashtra’s Ajanta caves give tourists an extra ordinary tryst with Indian culture.

Goa, the smallest state of India, lures tourists through its beaches and churches, while Kerala is God’s Own Country, so cannot be described in mere words. Tamil Nadu and Karnataka harbor a rich part of Nature’s beauty. Their cultures display a huge discrepancy from those of other states of India.

The Maharajas’ Express operates across North India and South India. It covers culturally rich places of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra in its North Indian tours and Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, and Tamil Nadu in its South Indian tours.

The train is famous for its plush interiors, its 24×7 personal butler service, on-board water filtration plant, exquisitely decorated dining cars, and its interesting tours. One of the striking features of traveling in this train is the warm welcome you get on the platform. It makes you feel like a maharaja or a maharani, indeed.

So, pack your bags and get ready to dig deeper into the 5000-year-old cultural history of India. The Maharajas train awaits you.

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