Mahek Full Episode Cast and Main Characters

Zee TV new serial ” Mehek ” brings a story of a missy Mahek. She is associate orphan and misses her oldsters. She earns love from her family by her cookery skills. She is regarded the queen of room. She makes nice food and wins everyone’s hearts. She believes the easy funda of life lies in food, that smart food is incredibly vital for a cheerful life.The show brings Mahek’s journey of life, however she comes up with rejections thanks to her easy appearance then wins the battles of life by her extraordinary preparation skills. Mahek gets armed by the sole talent she possesses, that’s nice cookery. Sameeksha Jaiswal is taking part in the lead role within the show, opposite Karan Vohra.​


Shaurya is that the guy whom Mahek is aware of as Karela King. he’s her chat friend. he’s handsome, smart, and made guy. he’s additionally a food lover and likes to experiment new dishes in cookery. He owns a sequence of restaurants. he’s one in all the young business achievers and is way known. He has everything in his life. He likes trendy art of cookery, and doesn’t like Mahek’s ancient cookery. he’s short tempered and unpitying in business, however he’s terribly hooked in to food.


Mahek could be a positive, easy wanting and a cheerful woman. She has lost her oldsters once she was twelve years previous. Since then, she gets inspiration by her mother’s nice words. She familial cookery talent from her mother. Mahek started cookery from young age and currently she masters the art. She likes to cook food and serve the family amorously. Mahek spreads happiness round her by the her talent of cookery. She is packed with life and takes everything in a very positive manner. She is incredibly versatile to things and may mend anyone’s heart. She gets happiness in tiny things. She continually succeeds to bring smile on everyone’s face.

Mahek Zee TV Serial Cast:

Sameeksha Jaiswal Playing the role as Mahek

Karan Vohra Playing the role as Shaurya

Kiran Sharma Playing the role as Kanta

Hareesh Chawla Playing the role as Jeevan

Tripta Lakhanpal Playing the role as PD

Dinesh Kumar Playing the role as Balwant Sharma

Shiny Dixit Playing the role as Nehal

Mahek Full Episode


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