Maintenance of a Chainsaw

A chainsaw greatly facilitates crafted by felling and pruning in our garden yet, as with all instruments, require at least maintenance so its operation is immaculate all through its valuable life.

Gasoline Chainsaw

How does a chainsaw function?

The chainsaws comprise of a steel bar with a guide through which slides a toothed chain in charge of cutting. This chain is dragged by a traction pinion associated with an electric or gasoline motor. Regardless of the sort of engine, the chainsaws have a repository of lubricating oil that, by means of a pump, is emptying oil into the chain manage.

Electric or gasoline?

Motoelectrica the electric chainsaws are light and comfortable, ideal for local utilize and small gardens that don’t require large pruning.


Try not to require flammable energizes

They are always ready to utilize

They are noiseless and light

They require little maintenance


They require a nearby electrical point

They don’t have much power

They overheat all the more easily

They are usually for household utilize as it were


The chain saw gasoline convey significantly more power than control and are utilized as a part of hardest occupations, for example, tree felling or pruning large branches.


They are autonomous

It has a considerable measure of energy

They persevere through proceeded with hard work

Valid for residential and professional utilize


They are somewhat heavy

They make a considerable measure of commotion

They require more maintenance

Utilize thick gloves when handling the chain and chainsaw bar. The two parts contain sharp and sharp surfaces.

Chain Maintenance

The teeth of the chain wear out with the utilization, hence, they should be sharpened periodically. A sharp chain allows to work of exact and productive shape decreasing remarkably the physical exertion.

Chainsaw for the sharpening of the chain, it is prescribed that you utilize a special document for chain sharpening.

The sharpening of the chain must be finished with the chain and the bar mounted on the chainsaw. Release the chain brake with the goal that it runs uninhibitedly.

Chainsaw Then, with the assistance of the record direct, place the document on the cutting tooth and at the right angle (as indicated by the manufacturer) and following the tooth profile, pass the record through the tooth applying just in a pushing development, maintaining the inclination constant. Play out this operation until the point that you eliminate burrs and rounding’s on the tooth. It is prescribed that you retain how often you have repeated the operation because you should do the same operation on each of the teeth of the chain.

Chainsaw After the dynamic wear of the cutting teeth, either by its utilization or by the procedures of sharpening, it is conceivable that the delimiting tooth is above the cutting tooth. Utilize the profundity gauge to check whether you have to bring down the boundary tooth.

Sharpen just when necessary. In the event that the chain has already been sharpened many circumstances and the tooth has surpassed its wear prescribed by the manufacturer, it must be replaced by another chain.

The bar has a rail, or sliding track, around its border that acts as a guide for the chain and also deteriorates with utilize. Dismantle the chain and clean the score of the guide as well as the openings expected for the passage of lubricating oil. In the event that you see burrs at the edge of the slip track, expel them utilizing a flat record. These burrs, when detached can cause damage to the bar and degrade it prematurely.

My deal best chainsaw check the profundity of the notch by sliding the chain onto the bar and watching that the chain’s traction interfaces never touch the base of the sliding track.

Lubricate the bar tip bearing by pouring oil through the opening.

To equalize the wear of the two bar sides, mount it turned on the chainsaw. Presently you can reassemble your hip on the bar. Add a little oil along the chain.

General Maintenance

Chainsaw The air channel

Its capacity is to channel the air that enters the carburetor. With utilize, clean and serine particles are kept on the surface of the channel. Clean it by blowing packed air or utilizing a brush. On the off chance that it identifies deterioration that could allow unfiltered air to pass, replace it without a moment’s delay to avoid damage to the carburetor or other mechanical parts.

Chainsaw Motor pinion

The pinion is attached to the grasp ringer located on the drive shaft. It is the purpose of contact between the traction joins and the engine. With the utilization and erosion of the chain, it is wearing out. On the off chance that it distinguishes upper scores 0.5mm (or what the manufacturer indicates) it must replace the piece with another one.

Chainsaw Clutch chime

Expel the grip chime and clean within with a dry fabric. Each 40 or 50 hours of utilization ought to be lubricated by the bearing located on the shaft of the grasp ringer.

Inside cleaning

Expel the capitalized and clean within, air passages and barrel balances, and so forth with a brush or brush. Also evacuate the defensive plate and clean the lubrication conduit from the chain.

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