MARG accounting software vs BUSY accounting software

There are various accounting software which help keep your financial data in a systematic manner and provide you with correct info as and when needed. In India, for business use, there are a lot of accounting software. You need to be informed about how much revenue your business is generating and where and how is your money being spent, even if your business is not a large scale one.

Now for small scale businesses, there are two accounting software which come in very handy – Marg Inventory and accounting software and Busy accounting software.  Both of these are one of the leading accounting softwares in India and mainly used for micro-business.

Here we’ll compare both the accounting systems busy vs marg and make it easy for you to choose between the two.

Payment, Mobile Support and Free Trial

While both the softwares need one-time payment, MARG provides mobile support too while BUSY does not. However, both of them provide a free trial so that you can derive which suits your venture more.

Comparison of features

For small and medium enterprises, BUSY is complete accounting software. It helps Small and Medium sized Enterprises in regional, industrial and customer sectors such as FMCG, retail, trading, manufacturing, distribution and service to efficiently manage their business.
MARG, on the other hand, is surprisingly simple and the fastest inventory management software for small and medium enterprises. They handle multiple customers by holding the current invoice. This is one of the most economical and most popular ERP software. It is a complete solution from purchase plan to balance sheet.

There are three versions of BUSY accounting software – Basic, Standard and Enterprise. While the first one costs around Rs.7200 per year, standard versions costs Rs.13,500 per year and the latter Rs. 19,800 per year. MARG has only version but various levels of services. They start at Rs.7200 per year, including maintenance.

While BUSY gives you a much-needed option of accessing your data on the go, MARG helps you with banking integration. BUSY gives you the option of monitoring analytics as well, and both of them will provide you the service of barcode integration.

BUSY, specifically, gives you a lot more features than MARG, and they are Bills of Material, Bonus, Loan & Advances Management, Checks and Controls, Customer Management, Document Printing, Financial Accounting, Financial management, Graphs and charts, HR and Payroll, Job Costing, Manufacturing, Material Workflow, MIS Reports, Multi Currency, Multi User login &Roll based access, multi branch connectivity, Online Banking Integration, Online Document Storage, Outstanding, Payroll Management, Product Database, Production Management, Project Management, Quotation and Estimates, Scheme Management, Service Tax, Supplier and Purchase Order Management, Task Management, TDS/TCS, Trading Excise Registers, Utilities, VAT/CST/GST reports, Warehouse Management and Web based reporting.

Some other services which they both provide are Email Integration, Inventory Management, Invoice, Multi location, Multiple Company, POS invoicing and taxation management.

However, the fact that BUSY has more than one version helps it stand out when compared with MARG.

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