Martin Lloyd Sanders – Protecting the Countrymen And His Services

Every country has got its own set of men who protect the countrymen from any foreign attack, included within it is the army, the police force, the air force which has brave and valiant captains like Martin Lloyd Sanders, the military and the navy. All of these protector entities have their own set of rules, regulations and norms that need to be complied by every individual belonging to it, yet the honor that is attached to being a part of these is incomparable, and that perhaps is the reason so many youngsters being interested in joining the navy.

A very good reason for becoming a part of the navy apart from the respect it grants, is the handsome salary. Those starting off in the navy also receive a reasonable pay unlike other industry where the salary for new comers is rather low. The promotion aspect of the navy is rather quick and with every step up the ladder in your designation, your pay increases and that too in the most lucrative way.

The travel aspect of the navy is perhaps, the most alluring thing about the navy, it is also considered as a great way to learn and develop as a person. Being a part of the Royal Navy, you would be able to visit distant lands, but that does not mean you will not have to work. so, in this prospective career you get to travel while you are on a real mission, carrying out peace keeping objectives or undertaking training exercises.

Mostly those who have completed their G.C.S.E. and getting a degree at the University go ahead and join the Academy of the Navy. The Navy is not biased in its selection of men over women and so both genders can apply with equal hope of qualifying for selection, in fact, there is no specification of the kind of background that you should be from. All you have to have is the desire to become a member of the Navy and serve your country with full dedication and honesty.

Irrespective of who you are and where you come from, every one will have to pass the tests and selection process of the navy with the same conviction. Whether it is the navy or the air force, one nd all have to pass those tests, just as Martin Lloyd Sanders, a very renowned captain of the air force has had to pass in his beginning days. The process of admission and selection into the Navy has four main stages – the application form, the academic tests, an interview and the fitness test prior to joining.

Every candidate who wishes to qualify will have to succeed in each of these stages with excellent scores in order to be selected. This is the reason you will have to self train yourself both physically and mentally if you really and ardently wish to join the Navy and give yourself a happy and bright future.

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