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One of the biggest criticisms that the Indian railways receive has been the quality of food that is served on the trains. There is no proper choice of menu and guarantee of taste or aroma. People had been falling sick and many in fact avoid eating the khana that is served. But travelling in trains cannot be avoided. Indian Railways is expanding in a big way. They are looking at ways and means to improve the quality of service keeping the costs within the budget of the average common man. One vast improvement seen is today you can choose the menu food in rails.

The rail network in India is the largest in the world and covers long distances across the country where sometimes passengers should spend overnight on train covering long distances. Book your menu food in rail prior to your departure or while on board. Ask for your favorite food, at a time of your choice from a range of top restaurants. There are no booking fee or delivery charges. You have a wide variety- Jain diet, Chinese, Mughlai, vegetarian thali, continental and any type of non-alcoholic beverages – a healthy change over the unhygienic stale food that passengers have been eating over the years.

Menu food rail is available throughout the day. Order for breakfast, tea/ coffee, snacks, lunch or dinner either at the time of booking your train ticket or later by downloading the app or browsing the websites.  You get a chance of tasting the local cuisines that a place is famous for. If you have a frequent traveler, you must have crossed a city several times. However, you never had the opportunity to have a taste of the local delicacies since you never halted there. Now, while ordering your food, you could select the city and food from the drop-down menu and enjoy.

Advantages of menu food rail:

If you are commuting a long distance, you cannot carry packed food for all your three meals. It will get cold, will lose its aroma and taste.

Carrying food means adding more luggage and carrying cutlery and plates. Washing the dishes and wait till they dry may be awkward at times and disturb their co-travelers. You avoid all this. The e-caterers provide the khana in hygienic wrappings with disposables and napkins to clean up.

Food will be delivered to you at your seat at the time you asked for. In case the train is running late, you have the option to change your menu or cancel it.

Pay online in a secure manner. The sites are safe to do transactions. You can avoid travelling with extra cash or have the tensions of giving exact change to the delivery boys.

How does menu food rail work?

When you browse the site, you must choose where you want the food. The site will give a list of top restaurants for you to select food. Select the food you want. Pay online. Give your seat details- PNR number, coach and berth number etc and enjoy delicious food that you never experienced earlier in a train.

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