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Different type of diseases needs different sort methods that should be incorporated by the doctors. For that reason we can have a lot of specialist present nowadays. Heat problems are treated by the set of doctors called as the cardiologists, the problem to the babies are treated by the pediatricians, cancer specialists are called as the oncologists, urine related problems are treated by the urologists etc. Thus each and every specialist doctors have a different sort of approach to their treatment thus making a lot of other differences. Each and every doctors always wants to be sure and absolutely confident before going into a conclusion about their patients. Proper checking is very much required. Before jumping into a conclusion they check each and every avenue of the patients. Here comes the utility of the diagnostic tests. Diagnostic test reveals every possible minute details present with which the patient is suffering. The tests are of different types. Internal organ related problems are generally detected by the different sort of imaging mechanism. Urological as well as Cardio-logical problems are generally detected by the blood test. These are the part of biochemical test. Scanning and imaging are used mainly during the brain problem and different other problems. Cities have these well covered diagnostic center. One of best MRI center in Bangalore, are well managed by expert technicians.


MRI is a very new technique that is used to have good image the internal organs present in the body. In these cases mainly in the context of problems regarding the internal organs, biochemical test can’t be very much fruitful. The drawback being that these biochemical tests cannot give a proper view mainly the structural of the organ suffering from problems. We can discover any changes in the characteristic and the function of that organ however viewing those changes with our naked eyes can be much more comprehensive to the doctor. MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging uses magnet and its property of magnetism for the detection purpose. They also use Radio Waves as a part of their detection system. Radio waves are put in the magnetic field and are driven by the magnetic force of attraction that penetrates deep in to the body and the organs to give a good view of that organ. The MRI system is fully automatized and it is associated with an output system which is a computer where all the results come. It uses a huge sized magnet placed into the tunnel with a bed inside where the patients undergoing the test lies down.


It is one of the most successful test and as the test proceeds the results are also very much accurate. However for some people MRI scanning is strictly prohibited. For peoples having any kind of metal implants or any kind of metal made chips inside the body, they cannot undergo this MRI scanning. Many people often has claustrophobia and therefore that tunnel shaped structure is very much dangerous for them to be.

Organs to view

Internal organs like prostate, mammary glands etc. and many other organs are used to visualize these organ in a proper way.


MRI scan centers in Bangalore has expert technicians and physicians where a particular disease is cordially treated.


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