How Much Does it Cost to Install a New Garage Door?

If you want to accurately gauge the price of installing your garage door, then you’ll have to keep multiple factors about the operation in mind. Garage door replacements can involve a wide variety of different elements that vary from project to project.

Rather than getting a flat rate to expect for every single garage installation job that there is, it’s a much better plan of action to get an idea of how to calculate your project’s unique price based on its distinct factors. The following are all some of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to accurately gauging the proper price of installing a new garage door.

The rough estimates

The most likely price of your garage door will depend in part on the area of the nation that you live in. Different areas of the country have plenty of differently minded contractors when it comes to how to price their services in response to local supply and demand, so it pays to look into knowing the estimated average price of your state of residence just to start.

While there’s a lot of variance between one state and another, what can be stated with relative confidence is that the national average cost of any garage installation will generally be around $1062, with a margin of error that slides between around $700 and $1400.

The lowest rock-bottom price for a garage door installation that you’re likely to ever get is no lower than about $300 in total. On average, most expensive garage installation that you’re like to pay will be just around $2000 in total.

The value of the door and its components

When it comes to the price of the garage door itself, the price tag can fall within a very wide range in the same way that the overall price of the project itself does. A single-door garage door can cost as little as a couple hundred dollars, but when it comes to the more complex double-doored variations, the price can easily rise up to well over $3000.

To cover all of your bases, you’ll want to make sure that you factor in the price of any adhesives used to affix the door to its position as well as the tracks that allow the door to move.

One of the key things to keep in mind about a garage door is that certain components might result in a higher cost of installation while cutting down on money paid in the long run. If you get a door that has a high R-value for better insulation, it may cost slightly more to install but also have much lower chance of becoming compromised by the weather. A door that’s better protected is a door that saves you money on future repairs.


The national and local estimates can be highly convenient for tempering your expectations before you break it down into the individual components of the project. You might be able to cut down on the overall price of the job by performing the installation itself rather than hiring laborers to do it for you, but because garage doors can be exceedingly heavy, it’s usually worth the extra investment to leave the job up to the professionals.

Generally speaking, a brand new garage door installation will yield over 80 percent in resale value if you play your cards right. By making sure to keep the above factors in mind at all times, you can guarantee that you’re in the best position to improve your garage door’s functionality, safety and overall aesthetic appeal the right way.

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