Must try out Recipes at Home for your New Year’s Eve party

Hosting New Year parties is a common trend these days and more and more people are adapting to it. If you are looking for something elegant, simple and warm, then you should definitely host the party at your home! But food?

Well there is no need to get worried or worked up about the food. You can always opt for easy to make and delicious to taste dishes that you will be able to whip up at home at any time. Looking for some great options? Well then here is a list of some of the most easy to make recipes that you should try out at home for your New Year’s Eve party:

  1. Pepper chicken: If you want to save a greater starter to the meal, then the best option for this would be a plate of Pepper chicken. This is a fairly simple and easy to make dish that will leave your guests wanting some more of it. Make it a little hot and spicy with the pepper and of course make it dry. These go really well with drinks. So when it comes to a great starter for your New Year’s Eve party, pepper chicken is a must.
  2. Prawn cocktail: If you are entertaining a small number of guests and if you want to make something which is not only elegant but also regal and takes less than 20 mins to make, then you should opt for prawn cocktail. Prepared with Tabasco sauce, this dish will surely set the temperatures soaring high. One of the most key things about this dish is making sure how you serve it. These are best served in cocktail glasses, which naturally add a different oomph to it!
  3. Pigs in a blanket: If you are all in for the meat, then go for pigs in a blanket. In fact you can opt for any meat of your choice to be curled up in the blanket. These are very easy to make and you can cook them in batches because these will surely be the talk of the party. You can serve them with some vinegar or a hot sauce which intensifies the taste of these delicious dishes.
  4. Chicken Stroganoff: Originally from Russia, this is another amazing dish that you should try out for your New Year Eve’s party dinner menu. It is creamy and extremely tasty when done right. In fact you can experiment with this dish a little too if you want. Serve it with plain hot rice for the perfect combination.
  5. Biriyani: If your heart and soul rests with Mughlai food and if you swear by biriyani then you should usher in the New Year with this delicious delight. Do not forget to make chicken chap or any other gravy dish along with the biriyani. You can also have raita in order to make it easy to digest.

These are just some of the many dishes that you can interest your guests with at the New Year’s Eve party at your home.

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