Which Nature Painting Should you Buy?

Landscapes are spaces within the world that sometimes seem to be vast and infinite and sometimes infinitesimal. Still, whenever artists resort to making landscape paintings, they mostly choose scapes that are away from the hustle and bustle of the routine metropolitan life and are full of elements of nature. In Fact, magnificent landscape paintings always have lush greenery as its prime theme and not the chaotic view of cities. It is so as such paintings mainly comprise of natural elements and can thus also be referred to as nature paintings. They can broadly be divided into five elements that are, Mountains, Water bodies, Flora, Greenery, and Snow.

Anyhow, each of the aforementioned natural elements symbolize something and the presence of these elements in the landscape art you buy impacts the ambiance around it as well.

Therefore, we have explained the implied meaning of these basic elements one by one for you, so that the next time you buy a painting, you know which would be the right choice. Take a look.

Mountains-   Mountains signify heights, success, toughness, stillness. Not just this, they also symbolize permanence. Hence, you can gift the painting of mountains to someone who is in the initial phase of his career. A painting of mountains would be a perfect reminder to him that these hardships will not last forever if he will not lose his focus from reaching the peak of the mountain i.e., his career goal. It is so as the peak of the mountains area mark of achievement. Moreover, climbing the mountain shows inner elevation. So, you can also hang one of such lively landscape paintings if you need some motivation and encouragement.

Water Bodies- Sea, lake, bay, ponds, valleys and rivers are just a few sorts of water bodies. Each of them implies something different. In general, they all signify a journey that leads towards enlightenment. The strong flowing water like that of the sea, rivers, and valleys symbolizes uncertainty and challenges. On the other hand, calm water of the lakes and ponds is considered to be peaceful and serene. Life is already moving at a very fast pace in the cities, hence buying the paintings that have still water should be bought. It is so as buying paintings that show a cyclone or the after-effects of a cyclone or any such disaster will only disturb your mind instead of soothing it.

Flora- Unquestionably, flowers are the most beautiful constituent of nature. They come in so many varieties and each of them looks extremely vivacious and colorful. Though broadly, they signify hope, fragility, and beauty, each of them has a different symbolism. Landscape paintings or nature paintings that have flowers are a better gifting or investing option as the real flowers you pluck r buy to gift get shriveled soon. So, gift a painting of Alstroemeria to someone who is trying to achieve a goal, Amaryllis to wish good luck to actors. Moreover, yellow roses painting should be given for congratulating. There are many flowers including amaryllis, like Begonia, aster azalea that are known as the ‘’flowers of healing’.

Greenery- Lush green forests or greenery, in general, suggest the arrival of spring and thus freshness. Buy a painting of this kind at the time of New Year. It can also be gifted to a person who is facing hardships in life to remind him that there is more to life than the ongoing sufferings. This gives them hope for new beginning and possibilities. The greener the painting, the more it has the capability to infuse the space with positive energy and enthusiasm.

Snow- It is hard to tell what a snow symbolizes other than the chilled winter time. However, the snowflakes are known for individual perfection and serenity. Besides, the snow may signify a change in life. Moreover, a painting of melting snow will infer that the problem will melt away just like the snow gradually. Some individuals are still of the opinion that snow means the demise of sun and the fauna. So, if you are planning to gift one, think again.

The above-mentioned nature elements are an integral part of nature paintings. You can gift them or hang them on the walls of your own house. Always buy the one that you feel more aligned with. The painting should match your current thoughts, situation, and goals or of the individual whom you are thinking of gifting it to.

Don’t forget to share this with other nature or art enthusiasts, so that they can also make their living space more welcoming and soothing.

Happy buying/ Gifting!

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