All You Need to Know about Basement Waterproofing During Winter

While earlier it was true that basement waterproofing could only be done in good weather conditions, but now this is not the case at all. With the advancement of technology and plumbers applying various kinds of ways to ensure that the waterproofing is done in the best possible ways and irrespective of the weather, thankfully, you can ask your plumber to do the same during winter as well.

However, here are a few things you need to know when it comes to Basement Waterproofing Toronto during the months of snowfall. Take a look.

  • Challenging Task: Although any good company would take up the task, it is needless to say that this is way more difficult than it is during the warmer months. Frozen soil is really hard to dig into and it is extremely difficult to clean up the mess when the snow and soil get mixed completely. Additionally, it will take more time than usual during these cold months and that means, your home will smell of solvent and chemicals for a few days.
  • Interior Waterproofing Methods: Secondly, I would like you to know that you need to put in a little more efforts and find out the best company in the market as most workers will tend to opt for shortcuts so that they do not have to work outside while doing this task. That is another reason why I ask people to opt for interior waterproofing during this time. There are excellent options available in the market and would suit your house regardless of the type of foundation. It will cost you less as well. But then, ensure that you choose a company that is well-known for handling these kinds of projects. You can go through their credentials, customer testimonials, online ratings and achievements to get an idea of how they work and how satisfied are the prior customers with their work.
  • Melting Snow Causes Basement Leaks: If you have been wondering why it is important to waterproof the basement and how too much of snow can affect it, then let me tell you that it is essential if you want to safeguard your property and maintain its resale value. Did you know that just an inch of melting ice or snow can produce 2700 gallons of water per acre? No, then be aware of it now and understand why is it necessary to waterproof your basement during these cold months.
  • Two Interior Waterproofing Methods: The two kinds of interior waterproofing that you can opt for during these months of snowfall include poured concrete foundation crack repair and cinder block foundation leak repair. The former one can also be referred to as the crack injection method, where resin would be injected to the foundation cracks in order to repair them effectively.

The second method is applied when the cracks are minor and does not require much effort. If you contact a reliable company, they might suggest you with any of these two methods after a thorough inspection of your house.

So, these are a few things you needed to know about basement waterproofing during the winter months.

But you have to understand that there are a few challenges when it comes to waterproofing a foundation and that includes the outside temperature, the soil condition and as well as the condition of the foundation. You should also ensure that the walls are completely dry when the work is in progress so that it can withstand the pressure properly. During this time, it is also a little unsafe to excavate the mud and hence, require the plumbers need to be really careful while doing the task.

Also, many homeowners use hydraulic cement for stopping active leaks but yes, they are just short-term aids to these problems and you must definitely call a waterproofing company at the earliest.

However, it is always suggested that you opt for basement waterproofing before the annual spring thaw. Remember that prevention is always better than cure and thus the suggestion. And to know more about Basement Waterproofing Toronto, keep following my blogs.

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