All you need to know about chain blocks

Chain blocks are the devices that are used to move the loads up and down using a chain. Popularly referred to as hand chain hoists, these mechanisms comes fitted with two wheels around which their chain is wound. In order to lift a heavy item, it is attached to a chain or rope through a hook and then the chain is pulled. During this process, the chain will wind around the wheels and it will start lifting the load. These devices can be fastened to lifting chain bags or slings, as well, to lift the weight more evenly.

The effective working of a chain block mainly counts on its lifting chain. Usually, it will be a hand chain, meaning it is operated manually to lift or down the heavy loads. However, nowadays, you can find these devices operated by the electric current, as well. As the availability of electric supply is not possible at all job sites, usually most people prefer manual operation. While lifting or descending the loads, first the chain block will be attached to the load through the clutching hook. Pulling the hand chain will make its grip tighter on the wheels of the device and it will form a loop in the device creating a tension to lift or descend the load.

A chain block is mostly used in garages because of its effective lifting abilities. These devices are capable of removing engines from the vehicles effortlessly. The major benefit of using these mechanisms is that they do not need much workforce, as it will usually need only a single person to lift or descend the load by just pulling the chain.

These devices are used in several other jobs, as well, such as the construction of the buildings. During the construction of high raised flats or apartments, or commercial facilities, these chain blocks are used to move construction and other heavy materials from the ground to the top of the buildings. They are quite useful in assembly line industrial units to lift heavy items back and forth the belt. A chain block will have the ability to lift even cars from a treacherous ground.

These devices are available in a range of different capacities according to work specifications. The diverse capacities of these machines make them appropriate for an extensive array of operations. There are chain blocks, as well, which have the capacity of lifting loads as much as 20 tones weight.

Buying these mechanisms from a reliable and reputable dealer will fetch you a strong and durable device. Moreover, they will come equipped with a bounty of beneficial features, including load limiters, ensuring your safety while performing the lifting or descending tasks.

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